Blue Jean itch scratched...

  1. I think someone was asking the time between your first and second H bags. I thought, ok the craving started the day after I got my first and only Birkin, but it will probably be a bag a year. One month later, I am the proud owner of a blue jean evelyne, bought 20 minutes ago! I've also ordered an etoupe gold hw 35 Kelly, which will probably take a year to come. Totally worth the wait and thanks to all who gave feedback on the etoupe/gold combo and generously provided pic.s. Lighter in the wallet, but full of joy I'm on my way home now!
  2. Ebruo, congratulations on getting the Evelyne. Unfortunately it's very difficult to keep to that one bag per year quota once you're onthe orange side. :biggrin:
  3. CONGRATS!!! Post pics....Would love to see you with your new love!
  4. LOVE :heart: LOVE :heart: LOVE :heart: BJ.

    Please do post when you get home, esp a pic of that baby on your arm!

    :yahoo: Congratulations!! :yahoo:
  5. ebruo, congratulations! You're accumulating some beautiful pieces!
  6. whoohoo and yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great news and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yippy:woohoo: .....what leather is it?

    I think every H lover should own something in BJ. After seeing you with a blue scarf in London, I am convinced that you will look great with everything in BJ and etoupe. I just hope your bank account is ready;)
  8. LOL :lol:The truth be told!
  9. Congrats, Ebruo!! I just know you will LOVE your new Evelyne! :heart:
  10. It's clemence LTC dearie, so soft and supple in the evelyne.:heart: I know you're not too keen on the style, so the Kelly will be for your virewing pleasure!

    CynthiaNYC, thanks for all your enabling, you're picking up half the tab next time!!! :p
  11. LOL well then you will be waiting a while!!
  12. Congratulations!!!! you will love the evelyne soooo much... BJ is such a lovely color. Enjoy !
  13. I adore the evelyne, and it will be so pretty in BJ!!

    Please post pics!
  14. YAY! SO happy for you! Congratulations! Can't wait for pics!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! A Blue Jean Evelyne will be the perfect bag for so many occassions!!!!! PICS please as soon as you can so we can drool!!!!