Blue jean in winter? Do you love it or not so much?

  1. Everybody likes blue jean in the spring and summer (I think). But how do you feel about it in the winter? Do you like to see a woman in a black or charcoal cashmere coat carrying a blue jean bag, or do you cringe?

    Also - do you blue jean owners get tired of the color, or does it grow on you more and more? Its a very seductive color, but I wonder if you love it after the "wow" factor wears off (like gold, which you like more and more the longer you have it!)

    I am debating a blue jean purchase (my first) and am ready to do it but need one more reality check :smile:
  2. There are some pics in the Hermes in Action thread of one of our lovely members wearinga BJ Birkin in the snow with a black ski jacket. tres' chic! Can't get any more winter than that.
    I think a burst of color in the winter is great (but I live in a temperate climate)
    I love BJ with black and charcoal gray!
  3. Big time ditto!!! Check out some of the latest pics by peanutbabycakes and Fesdu in the "Hermes in Action" thread. They can rock their BJ Kellys!
  4. I have a blue jean Birkin in swift that I've been wearing this winter. It's not as baby blue as it is in other leathers. It has a kind of periwinkle cast to it. I love it with my winter wardrobe. I will never tire of blue jean. It's a fabulous all seasons color.
  5. I looooove Blue Jean!!! I think it looks great winter or summer. I love my BJ Evelyne agains my black coat because the color POPS! It is a color I never tire of...every time I see it I swear I fall in love all over again!!! :yes:
    1222.jpg eveb.jpg
  6. I live in the winter here. I have traveled extensively and one thing I is quite sad that majority of women don't punch up their winter wardrobe with at least a gorgeous bag. I feel BJ would be wonderful. It is a great way to get away with color in the dead of winter. You can still wear the deeper tones, but the BJ bag would look amazing. I actually think it would change your mood and make you always feel great.

    If you love BJ will always love it...unless you have a personality (with things) where you grow tired of pieces. I know I did not word that very well, but I hope you know what I mean?
  7. Two trips to Paris ago, I remember walking down Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in the wintertime. Walking into the La Perla boutique was a statuesque lady in black pants and boots and a charcoal gray turtleneck. On her arm was a Blue Jean Birkn 30 with silver HW. With the dreary weather and austere concrete surroundings, it was a welcome pop of color!
  8. Oh, that sounds beautiful, 24! I would have loved to have seen that!!!!
  9. i just posted this recently in the Hermes in Action thread, but this is my winter interpretation of charcoal grey & black (boots) with miss blue jean kelly.....

  10. PBC, I :heart: your Kelly so much!!!!!
  11. I cant think of a single reaon that I wouldn't love it in winter! Just pair it with browns and reds instead of yellows and whites! also looks great in charcoal..I'm just not partial to it with black (but, not a real fan of anything with black honestly).

    I don't think you'd tire of it. I don't have one, but it seems liek it would be such a versatile color! Go for it!!
  12. I love BJ with dark colors...
  13. PBC you and that BJ kelly are amazing!!!!
  14. I love Blue Jean for the whole year! I would love it with chocolate as well as blacks, greys, creams, white, pinks, - heck, what couldn't you wear it with?
  15. I love bj all year around and I wear a lot of jeans as well and I consider wearing any color top, sweater wheather it is black or grey with jeans and my bj looks great!!