Blue Jean Epsom 32cm kelly!

  1. I usually buy my Hermes from two stores Lausanne and Dubai. I have good a relationship with the SA's in both locations. Recently Dubai called me and said they had a blue jean kelly with contrast stitching and palladium hardware 32cm! :yahoo:I was ecstatic and said yes immediately! Transaction was done, and now I am just waiting for it to arrive...... :girlsigh:However....:s.. I am having second thoughts.. I am already waiting for a ostrich in raisin.. Do u think I should keep the kelly? or sell it? I cant return it to the store because the SA there hates it when a customer returns items. If I choose to resell it after 2 months or less? Where is the best resale market? eBay?
    please advice?
  2. keep the kelly .... it's really pretty
  3. hello mdsa,
    i live in Dubai, but i can never put my hands on a birkin :sad: … I can’t wait for years to get one… I’m so disparate to get one, in whichever color.. I don’t really mind…
    i spoke to the boutique manager, she is such a sweet French lady, but still, i can't get any,, any recommendations? which SA do you talk to usually?

    plus, yeah i think e-bay is the best location to resell your bag.. or close friends who love kelly bags
  4. It´s just really up to you, do you like the Kelly enough to keep it, can you afford them both etc.?
  5. Nice bag, I think you should keep it:tup:
  6. mdsa, you seem more excited over the blue jean than the raisin. So, I say keep the blue jean. :smile:
  7. They're very different looking bags. If you can afford to keep both, I would. Or at least live with the blue jean for a bit to see if you like it. Worst thing would be to sell it immediately and then regret it.
  8. Blue Jean Kelly. Keep it.
  9. Why keep something that's €€€€€ if you're not THAT happy with or enthusiastic about it? Personally, if it were me, I would just return it to the store, SA's displeasure notwithstanding. Why let yourself be bamboozled by some SA into keeping something that doesn't work for you? WHO is the boss here? Bottom line, it's YOUR money, NOT hers.

    However, if you don't want to make waves and don't want to risk antagonizing the SA and decide to resell, contact Pete at Luxury Zurich. He is wonderful to deal with and may be able to help you.

    Hope you get your dream Ostrich bag soon. :smile:

  10. Sounds Magnificent...So Does The Raisin:nuts: Both Beautiful Combinations....If You Love Both & The $ Is Not A Problem......The Are Keepers;)