Blue jean: does it show dirt?

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  1. I'm eyeing Sandia's lovely blue jean box Kelly and wondered whether it was practical for everyday use in warm weather. Does it get dirty easily? I tend to shy away from lighter colored bags, but this one is gorgeous!
  2. the handles will darken over time....just like any light bag....and scuffs and bruises will show more easily on a light bag....
  3. Yes, but according to Claude and straight from the craftsman's mouth a little soap and water and it will look new.
    He really said it's all right to do that.
    It will make the Bleu Jean vibrant again.
  4. I have a blue jean trim and the color holds up pretty well. Of course, as well any light colors, you need to be careful.
  5. I looked at the kelly on eBay. It's gorgeous isn't it? Also a reasonable price. I like SandiaExchange, they seem to have a steady supply of new as well as pre-owned Hermes items at reasonable prices. And they take cc too which is cool to rake up points.
  6. My Blue Jean HAC is holding up exceptionally well! I don't see any wear or dirt, and think this color shows LESS dirt than my gold vache liegee. But one trick I have learned is that using a plain baby wipe easily removes dirt without harming the leather. HTH!
  7. Oh wipes do work.....on everything.
  8. I have a blue jean wallet I handle multiple times every day (in Epsom) and it looks wonderful. Gorgy colour... go for it! :tup:
  9. jsut wanted to say thanks for the responses too, i am eyeing a bj bolide and bj togo 30 birkin, trying to choose, this helps! thank you, thank you!
  10. at the handle perhaps but the dirt can be cleaned easily
  11. I have a BJ togo Trim and I have not seen the handles darken or the bag show dirt. A box leather would be more problematic for everyday use. I think the scratches are going to show more on the ligher leather than on a darker color. I have seen the bag pics and while it is very lovely, it doesn't strike me as being an everyday bag.
  12. ^^ My thoughts too. I think I'm going to sit on my hands and be good. The right bag will come along. Thanks to everyone for all the helpful input!
  13. blue jean in box is not like blue jean in any other leather FYI. Lighter and grayer and duller. pretty but different