Blue jean Bolide in clemence- do I want it?

  1. My SA is sending this to me- but I'm afraid it will be too slouchy. I would prefer a more tailored look. It is a rare find- should I keep or send back??? Help!
  2. saw one today @ "H"..... forgot if it's clemence or togo.... size 37........ extremely heavy even if it's empty !_!
  3. Clemence will eventually slouch a bit no matter what you even if it looks tailored in the beginning..time and use will soften the leather.
  4. pursedoc, in the ode to bolide thread I posted pics of my 31 clemence mou with and without the purseket. The purseket seems to help her posture a bit, and makes it easier to organize my stuff inside.

    That being said, it really is a matter of personal preference--my lifestyle is pretty mou, and my wardrobe is, too....but that's me.

    I cannot speak to the rarity, but if you browse the inventory thread, you might have a better idea.
  5. Well, I want it if you dont'! hehe!
    One of my favorite bags. But if you prefer a more tailored look, go for a rigide Bolide in Chevre, box or Vacke Liegee.
  6. I'm not a fan of slouchy bags, not even in birkins!!
  7. depends on whether you like the look of a slouchy bolide. i do. if i every bought a bolide, it would be blue jean clemence.
  8. Well, I guess I will have to wait until Wednesday to meet her in person! I'll keep you posted!
  9. I think you should absolutely meet her in person, but I would also say that the rarity of the bag shouldn't influence you in your choice. The only thing that you should lesson to is you inner voice that tells you if you like it or not. What's the point in owning a bag that's the rarest of the rare BUT that's not you? That would be totally useless.
    That said I don't know how rare that bag is :confused1: , but I don't think it's THAT rare.
  10. you are SO right! It's a bit too expensive to have if I don"t love it! So, I'll just have to wait and see...Thanks!
  11. I personally like the look of slouchy bags the best. Just personal preference. If you don't love it...send it back. Think it sounds great though.
  12. As far as rarity goes, it's not really. There are 2 on eBay and these are usually on the shelf of many stores.
  13. I saw this exact same bag at my NM and loved it! Definitely wait and see, you just might fall in love!
  14. Hold on!!! NM carries Hermes? The store in Northpark..(Dallas) only carried scarfs and braclets. (Doesn't even do that anymore!)
  15. I think the bolide was made to be slouchy! I hope you love it.