Blue jean birkin bearers - who is out there?

  1. You guys have been so tolerant of me with my blue jean birkin deliberations. I am still mulling over the briefcase, and still unsure about what should come off my list this year (so I can stay on my budget). Specifically, whether the blue jean birkin should be postponed to 2008. I was trying to find pictures of people who were photographed with them - I seem to recall that some publicably photographed blue jean birkin owners noinclude: Kate Moss, Lindsey Lohan, Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes maybe (although hers looks brighton blue to me), Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham. A number of people on the forum have them too. Do those of you who have one find that you use it a lot, is it a "go to" bag or is more seasonal or limited? Do you find there are some situations where you find its too bright or frivolous, or is it truly more of a pseudo neutral. As you guys can tell, I really like the bag and am being my usual cautious deliberative self.
  2. I have a BJ birkin togo. I have to say that of all birkin colors, this is the color that I love the most. It matches very easily with jeans. I find the color is very refreshing & youthful compare to the other basic birkin colors :balloon:
  3. i love my BJ birkin. it goes well with pretty much everything and i don't find it seasonal either. it's great with black, whites, creams, khakis etc. it's a pop of color but not in-your-face, KWIM?
  4. Don't have a Birkin but as a BJ owner I have to say it is a great color!!! :yahoo:
  5. I have one in swift. I use it all the time. It really is like a neutral. It looks great with jeans as well as with many, many other colors. I love it in swift. I know I've posted these pics many times but I can't help showing her off. The color is so beautiful.

  6. if you click on the pic it comes out a little clearer.
  7. I wear mine all the time, sometimes I forget if doesn't go with picnic plaid in olive (KWIM?) but the only time I don't use her since I only have one H bag, is to the movies.
    I can't bear leaving her on a sticky floor with who knows what on the filthy sticky floor.
  8. It is really a great color ! and I use them all year round.
  9. As a BJ Birkin owner, I've found that it's a great year-round, versatile color.
  10. I have a 35 epsom BJ. Love it!!!
  11. Oh, goodness.....I'm the only person in the world who can find NOTHING to wear with Hermes Blue Jean.....but....maybe the problem is ME rather than my wardrobe?

    And I do wear a lot of denim....*sigh*

    .....and it's such a pretty color!!
  12. Call me crazy, but I never buy a handbag thinking will it go with everything.

    If the bag speaks to me and I love me, it will go with everything. I will carry it just because it talks to me. It will be one one accessory with personality and flair. It is nice to buy something that goes with everything and not to have that worry, but you know what??? Why play it what if it doesn't match something. Grab the bag...carry it and love it. That is what life is all about.

    I have loved orange since I was a little girl. I know if I buy an orange bag it will not go with everything. I don't care! That bag would put a smile on my face and it will get me through.

    I it if you love it and don't stress!!! Live life to the fullest and start with your handbag!
  13. I love my togo BJ birkin! It's so versatile and goes with everything. I'm carrying mine today with the LV Multicolor heart purse as a charm.
  14. Cindy, that sounds so cute! I love LV MC with Blue Jean! :yahoo:
  15. KB, so well said! i was just saying the same thing to DH the other day - an H bag really makes any outfit, so if the color makes you happy, who cares if it "matches"?

    that said, jedi, i think BJ would really work well as a neutral - just as denim does :smile: