Blue Jean 30 or orange 30, plz vote for me.

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Blue Jean 30 or orange 30 for my first birkin?

  1. Blue jean with PHW

  2. Orange with PHW

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Blue Jean 30 or orange 30 for my first birkin? Both with PHW.
  2. to this day my best bag truly amongst 14 bags blue jean my best bag and besides i know i have said this before but blue jean will be rested soon so go for this one and its a divine color very hermes but not in uch an obvious way like orange any way hope it helps birkel
  3. they are both really nice colors that can be worn with a lot of colors. sometimes i'm hesitant about orange because although i LOVE the color, i wear a lot black and don't want to give off the "halloween" combo of black and orange.
  4. Thank you for your input. Blue Jean will be retired soon or something?

    :lol: I have never thought it will be too halloween. But that is true. lol
    especially I wear a lot of black too.. Thank you!
  5. 6:6 right now.. hmmm..
    i think both colors are classic and pretty. so i couldn't decide..
  6. The oragne is so iconic, for a first Birkin it just seems right, and the way it plays off the PHW is amazing. But....since I read that the bluejean with be retired soon, maybe I would go that way.
  7. #7 Feb 15, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
    Orange because it has more oomph and is much less common. It's much easier to pull off than you might think. I was hesitant to use my tangerine ostrich much initially, but gradually realised it can practically function as a neutral - a standalone pop of colour, as long as the items in the rest of your outfit match each other tonally. I've worn it with blues, greys, B and W, creams, khakis. And over the last 2 days of Chinese New Year, even reds!
  8. since the blue jean will be retired soon, i'd get that one!
  9. blue jean 30!!

    i (personally) find orange goes better with ghw......

  10. I like orange better!
  11. Orange for me! It's such a nice color and amazingly goes with many colors.
  12. I would go for orange :smile:

    It`s a classic and goes with a lot of colors.
  13. My vote goes to orange!
  14. I just rec'd my first blue jean bag and am loving the color even more than I thought. I also have an orange bag, but prefer the blue jean.
  15. I don't have either, but voted for the blue jean for three reasons:

    a) the phw factor: Yes, orange looks great with phw, but (to me) it looks even better with ghw. :yes:

    b) blue jean beeing "rested". You know, you're gonna want one as soon as that happens. :biggrin:

    c) trying to catch up to the orange votes. :P