Blue izmir?

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  1. Please help loves!
    I got to make a decision between blue izmir and blue thalasa. Both are totally different shade of blue. But i love them both as i'm trully a blue person.
    I know that there is a thread of blue colour reference, but it seems i couldn't find the perfect comparison for these colour.
    Can someone give me a reference? The birkins that i got offered are in epsom leather.
  2. I have BI in Clemence and it's truly beautiful, only H can do that shade of blue. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392263743.686361.jpg
  3. I choose blue izmir
    A more chameleon color
    More interesting
  4. Me too. I prefer BI over BT which is a bit too dark for my liking. What a nice "problem" to have though...
  5. The blue part is BT.

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  6. Love BI - reminds me of the water in the Caribbean! BT is nice but too dark IMO. I like the "pop" of BI.
  7. Blue Izmir is perfect for the islands...coupled with malachite it reminds me of warm water and no snow!!! It's like looking at the French West Indies while in NYC during another snowstorm...
  8. BI is definitely more vibrant and pops, while BT is more muted and toned down. I think it just depends on what sort of blue you want to add to your collection. What do you envision yourself wearing more often and in the future? Best of luck in your decision, it's a lovely one to have!
  9. Prefer Blue Izmir.
  10. Blue Izmir is brighter and more teal.
  11. Blue Izmir in Epsom

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  12. Choose between fun and steady. If you have classic colours like etoupe or black or gold then izmir will be a nice addition. But if u like a classic true blue then thalassa.

    I love blues too!! Have fun! Tell us what's your choice ;)
  13. Blue Izmir! It is gorgeous!
  14. oh this takes my breath away...
  15. How gorgeous is that jige!!!