Blue Izmir Alligator compared to Blue Colvert Alligator

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  1. Can anyone comment on Shiny Blue Izmir alligator compared to Matte Blue Clovert Alligator? Wondering if they are too similar in color to own one of each in a wallet.....
  2. BI is too gorgeous to be compared to another color! It definitely has more pop than the shiny colvert I saw.

    Since one is shiny and the other matte, you could certainly justify it based on this.
  3. Whenever i see bleu izmir croc it stops me from breathing, literally take my breath away. i never had stopped for any other blues
  4. I have a BI shiny small scale croc CDC that I'm happy to post a pic for you. Let me see if I can figure out the new way to post a pic. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466207347.064498.jpg
  5. Be still my heart......that BI CDC is stunning!
  6. image.jpg Photo credit to IGer @pretty_purses

    Izmir (right) is the bomb. Colvert is on the left.
  7. Both so pretty but the one on the right (BI) is heart stopping gorgeous!
    The top is Blue Izmir, PHW, the bottom is Blue Colvert GHW, both large scales lisse. I love both and don't favor one over the other.
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  9. Thank you!
  10. THANK YOU for the pictures yodaling1 and werner!!! I'm really glad I did not pass on the BI should arrive Monday!!!!
  11. I agree with everyone else here. BI is everything. I love blues in general but IMHO BI is magnificent. [emoji2]
  12. You're most welcome, LVLover. Awaiting your pictures.
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