Blue Ink + White Coated Canvas = ________

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  1. My co-worker startled me and I swiped my blue ballpoint pen on my new white Gucci UNICEF tote. DISASTER!!! Well, almost. Would you believe that anti-bacterial hand cleanser got the ink off?


    Gotta love anti-bac hand cleanser.:yahoo:
  2. wow... lucky you to get it off so quick.. I was eyeing on the white heart GG plus canvas tote.. but didn't get it because of worry about make it dirty!! It is good to know the anti-bacterial cleanser do wonder!!
  3. Excellent info! I have the Unicef Boston. What kind of antibacterial did you use? Like a hand soap or just the antibacterial liquid?
  4. Oh good! I'm glad you got that ink stain out. I wonder if it helps that you noticed it right away.
  5. What a scare! I'm so glad to read that you were able to completely remove the ink stain off your Unicef Boston. I've yet to use my Unicef Boston but will do so with extreme caution.

  6. Liquid. If that didn't work, Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner would have been my next alternative.
  7. :woohoo:
    i felt bad when i read Blue Ink + White Coated Canvas = ________
  8. I did the same thing with my beige/ebony boston. I accidentally kind of brushed my black pen on it and left almost an inch length of pen mark. I just dabbed a little amount of hand sanitizer (the cheap kind you can buy from dollar tree!) and gently wiped it off with a napkin and voila! it came off =)
  9. Great info! Thanks for sharing.
  10. There have been tons of helpful hints on tPF that have saved my bags, both here in Gucci and over in LV. Glad I could share and maybe save someone's bag.
  11. Thanks for the tip! I am glad your bag is good as new again! I wonder if this would also work on color transfer.