Blue India - what stores have 'em and ...

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  1. can a purse style be had in that shade? I remember someone getting one from somewhere in Australia???? tia
  2. Neiman Marcus at the Garden State Plaza mall (NJ)...saw a BI Day and maybe a City
  3. I just received my email back from aloharag as I want to order a first and they did not have blue india in a first bag.
  4. Aloha Rag had a BI Day and a City I think as of about a week ago.

    Also Susan in Burlingame, California had a few BI's left but I can't recall what. I think they had a Work or a City and they also had another style I can't remember. That is where I got my BI Day.

    Bal NY also had 2 BI Day's when I was there 3 weeks ago. I don't know what other BI's they had.

    I'd call around and see who has what!
  5. there's some at holt renfrew in downtown last week...

    day, city, and part-time, i can't remember anything else
  6. i got a City at NM (Denver) about 2 weeks ago, maybe. they had 2-3 other blue india bags at the time of various styles. don't know what's left.
  7. NM in King of Prussia had a few BIs last weekend but I didn't notice what style.
  8. Yup!! I got a Blue India City from AR just yesterday!! Don't know if they have more or not, but it's worth a try!
  9. Are you looking for a Purse (the style) or just any B-bag in Blue India. I know some BI's are still available but not sure about the Purse.
  10. Actually, I think AR said they had a BI Day yesterday too...don't quote me, but if that's the style you want, you might want to give 'em a call or email!
  11. I'm from Australia and it is cultstatus that you are thinking of that had the blue india purse, you can check the website and email them about it :yes:
  12. thanks guys,
  13. hi! I'm the person who bought the purse from australia... It was indeed from cultstatus. If you're not madly in love with the notion of having a BI in the purse style, I'd advise you against it because of the insane price + customs. I paid 300$ in customs and the bag was already overpriced... But you know, I wanted it SO much! Point is, I asked everywhere and cultstatus was the only retailer that had the purse in BI...