Blue India vs. Neutral

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  1. I can convince myself that any color is neutral if I want it enough!
    Is BI too "flashy"?
    I look at everyone's beautiful collections and I vow to buy only colors because they're so fun and different
    and then I vow to buy only neutrals because they're so sensible and versatile....
    If I am planning get a City - and I have a black and a caramel first - should I be investing in something more neutral like gray, a brown, even black? or go for it?
  2. hehe, well I don't really think of any b-bag as being practical so i'd say go for the color. I had a BI day for a few days and I LOVE the color. I think it would be wonderful in a city..
  3. I would go for color, Bal colors are so amazing and since you already have a caramel and black...
  4. GO FOR IT!!! BI!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. Go for the blue india, it's a beautiful color!
  6. thanks, I need some reinforcement on this - BI is so great with jeans - and I think I would use it a lot in the spring - that's planning ahead! Everyone is wearing browns and blacks right now, that's why I go back and forth.
  7. I think you should go for the Blue India. It's a beautiful, indulgent color, and it can work as a neutral. Bold, solid colors are a lot more versatile than we think! (For example, it is my personal belief that red is a neutral, and I work it into my wardrobe at every opportunity.) Plus, if you're going to spend this much on a handbag, it might as well make a bold statement!

    ~Danielle (lover of bright and bold colors :yes: )
  8. i think every person should own at least 1 b bag in bold colors :P
    my proudest bold colour from bal is magenta... it's very different and unique, i can't find another designer bags that looks really "fit" in the design in bright colours then balenciaga.
  9. i can totally relate to this thread as i just got my first b-bag and it was a huge purchase for my hubby to make (he's soooo not into $1k bags!!) and it's the only b-bag i'll have til probably at least i wanted to make it count. i like things i can wear ALL THE TIME. i don't switch out purses very often as i am way too lazy...but i fell in serious love with the BI color in person. a real issue though was 'is this versatile enough to wear daily for 4 months?'. and i hemmed and hawed over what to do. most of my wardrobe itself is very neutral with lots of blacks, browns, tans/whites/creams, and blues as my favorite color. so i typically have neutral bags.

    so i ended up committing to the BI because flat out in person that color is just TO DIE FOR. there is nothing like that beautiful leather in person with such vibrant color. i loved the brown ones as well but the blue just captures your eye. so now it's all wrapped up for me for xmas...and i still think about 'what if'. i really love ice blue and cornflower as two blues that go great with everything...i think that BI is kind of a funny blue where im not sure how fabulous it will be with jeans or other blues...but it really doesn't matter. i just loved the color and i didn't want to settle and be 'practical' and get a brown or a black.

    i plan to get more than one b-bag so i can get a camel first or something next...but for now i am just IN LOVE with the BI color. so go with what your heart says. as one of my friends can always tailor your wardrobe around your new bag!!! hahaha. i'm working on that right now. gray goes fabulously with BI! :wlae:
  10. BI is such a pretty and vibrant color! i love my BI Day, and it looks absolutely perfect with jeans! B-bags come in so many wonderful colors, so i say BI all the way!!
  11. I bought a Blue India City and I wear it with browns and blacks all the is great with jeans, suits, whatever...very versatile. I love it with a black sweater and slacks, too. Definitely go for the Blue India!
  12. I vote for BI too. I have a BI box that I have been using for about a week and I love it. I had that same 'is it practical?" debate with myself but what I realized is, there is nothing practical about a $1k bag. But if you have some neutral shades already, all the more reason to get a beautiful color like BI. I plan to get a caramel, black and white before all is said and done. I am not going to collect a ton of them because I, like Marae, am lazy about changing bags out. But I think you need a few basic colors and I love all the black B-bags. My problem is figuring which style to get.
    I could have one of each style in white too. I think they are gorgeous. Also maybe not high on the practicality scale. Let us know what you decide. I think many of the BI styles are selling out but I could be wrong.
  13. it seems you've already got the basics covered...go for something crazy! its always surprising how wearable the crazy colors are...go for the BI if you LOVE it!...and don't forget about all the beautiful colors coming this S/S!!!!!
  14. Yes, I agree that you have the basics covered. :yes: So go for something fun. Hopefully you can still find the perfect Blue Inda bag since another thread mentioned that BalNY just got their new bags in. Perhaps you can wait and see if there are new colors you like.
  15. Go for blue india, especially if you love this particular! Balenciaga will always have neutrals. I always thought I would stick to neutrals but I love all the colors too much@