Blue India Purse finally arrived! plus pics of my collection!

  1. After searching the 5 continents and paying ridiculous customs fees from Australia, here it is, my beloved blue india!!!! I really love it, it was worth the wait! The purse is such a great size and shape, I'm really glad I got one before it's getting discontinued!

    The leather is thick and not veiny, but I'm still worried that it may crack like the leather on my navy did.

    Also here is a pic of my bal collection of bags and one pair of sandals from s/s 05. Little miss black twiggy is missing, I took her to replace the lining that was very worn.
    Enjoy! :wlae:

    Also seperate pics of my 06 lilac city to prove that s/s 06 leather HAS smooshiness potential~mine is sooo smooshy after being conditioned!
    blue india purse.jpg bal collection.jpg bag 001.jpg danae 007.jpg danae 005.jpg
  2. I love the colors of your collection. they are so feminine!!!! b e a u t i f u l
  3. Beautiful collection! I just love your lilac city :love:...the color and leather look amazing! Congrats on finally getting your blue india! I have a first and it's my all time fav.
  4. wow... congrats on the BI!
    your collection's soooo sweet :love:
  5. Whoa! Mother! That is one gorgeous BI Purse! and your lilac city is insane! What a lovely selection you have. I love them all.

    You can now trimphantly remove "waiting for BI Purse" from your signature. Congrats!
  6. thank you all!!!!!!
    You can tell I'm a girly girl, right? hahaha
  7. Yes, Decophile, I have been wanting to remove this signature for a long time!
    Woo hoo, everyone is so nice, thank you! I'm blushing!!!!! My collection is nothing compared to what many bal-forumettes have!
    :blush: :cutesy: :flowers: :love:
  8. Congratulations!!! :party:
    I looooove your collection! such great colors! :heart::kiss: the Lilac :heart:
  9. i have love the feminine colors of your collection! Very pretty! I love your lilac city, it's TDF!
  10. congrats is beautiful!!!!!
  11. thanks, thanks, and thanks!!!!!!! :smile::love:
  12. Oooh - so pretty!! The BI looks soooo good on the Purse.
  13. OMG:nuts: !!!!!!!! Finally Danae you have your BI Purse:yahoo: !!!!
    You can't imagine how happy I am:wlae: for you Danae !!!!
    I really love happy endings:drool: !!!
    Your Bag is TDF:love: !!!!
    It really worths all the searchs you did to find it :yes: !!!
    Congrats Danae:yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. OMG danae :nuts: !!!! Fantastic - Amazing - GORGEOUS :yahoo: !! You really have an enviable collection and your new BI purse is just TDF :drool: !!!!! And I especially L:heart: VE your little coin purse ;) :love: - as you already know :graucho:
    Thank you so much for sharing :flowers:
  15. if you don't mind me saying, i love your boobie