Blue India Pics for Bella

  1. As requested Bella Fiore, this is the BI City I am returning because I am not happy with the color:

    Blue India City front.jpg Blue India City back.jpg
  2. Oh! It looks almost like cornflower, I wonder if it's the lighting - I'd expected it to be a bit more on the aqua side..
    Thanks for taking the pics :smile:
  3. Oh my, what a beautiful color! Is it too light for you?
  4. Gosh, I think the color is wonderful.
  5. your color is so different...why is the BI color so hard to pin down???
  6. looks like the flash is on. hmmmm i am totally confused on the color would you say your photos are accurate color wise? the leather looks great.
  7. Oh Golden, thank you so much.:tender:

    That bag's leather is TDF!!!!! I see why you are torn. It does look more blue, and you are right, I don't see the grey in it. I agree it looks like Cornflower.

    Do you think you captured the color pretty good?
  8. Ladies, this is exactly why I asked the lovely Golden to post pics. It seems like all the photos vary, don't they.
  9. It almost looks like indigo...which I love! Wish that was the color in ALL lights!
  10. :confused1: This bag has a million different colors. I will be so glad when my Mom gets hers. I am going to take a BUNCH of pictures in every lighting situation to try and nail down this ever changing color. That looks like cornflower. I don't blame you for returning it. I don't like it either. i thought it was more turquoise, like the color of the Carribean.:confused1:
  11. The photos look like cornflower. My BI Twiggy has much more green in it.
  12. i'm with your Roxane - it looks like Cornflower blue...
  13. Roxane, have you posted pics of your twiggy? We would love to see.:love:
  14. I just got my BI City today! It's not exactly like any of the pictures I've seen posted here. And rather unlike the one posted above. But I LOVE IT. It's a rich, deep, turquoisey teal. Vibrant without being bright. Definitely deeper and darker than I had expected, based on most of the pictures I've seen. It is like a deep aqua, tropical ocean color.

    The amazing thing about this color is it is VERY chameleon-like! In some lighting, I swear it's got green in it. In others, it's like pure turquoise. Strangely with mine, I don't see any grey. It's gorgeous and I'm sooo happy!
  15. Here is the Blue India (or they call it Blue Grey) that came into NM today:
    (Pictures w/ and w/out flash)

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