Blue India Or Vert D'eau???


Which would you choose - Blue India or Vert D'eau??

  1. Blue India

  2. Vert D'eau

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm only allowing myself to get ONE new B-bag...I now have a Blue India City waiting for me at the store but I'm dying to see if I would like Vert D'eau better....

    Help! which would you choose if you can ONLY have ONE???? :nuts:
  2. Hi, I am almost in the same dilemma as u, since I have a BI on hold and am on the waiting list for the vert d'eau...and I have not decided yet whether to get one or both! If I could just get one, I think I would choose the Blue India city, since most likely I would use it more often-- it being darker than the vert deau. It also seems like a color for all seasons, whereas, the vert deau does seem more spring and summer-like in general.
  3. ITA with ethan -- BI is definitely a year-round bag. Although the vert deau is beautiful, it's a little too springy for me. Plus, BI has a neutralish aspect (gray undertones, maybe?) to it that makes it easier to wear and match I think, than the light green.
  4. I would ask yourself which color do you like more... Blue or green?? My vote would be for the BI but I am not a green person.
  5. Vert d'eau gets my vote. I'm just not a fan of BI in general. But you should get whatever you like the most! Or both:graucho:
  6. BI is a beautiful color and the leather on them has been so nice (I have the day in it and absolutely love it). Knowing how gorgeous a color it is and how pleased I am with it, if I had to make the same choice you are needing to make now, I would get the BI City now. You never know what the Vert D'eau will really look like (or the leather condition). And in the end, if you get the BI City and later find you love the Vert D'eau more, perhaps you could sell the BI.
  7. Hmmm yes that's an option...grab first, think later :lol: I promised myself I can only buy ONE but God forbid, if I get the BI now and later see the Vert and fall in love with it too, then I'm compelled to keep both....sigh, good intentions and all that out the window...

    I wanted to make a commitment to donate the money to the SPCA :yes: The poor little animals deserve it more than I do. Sigh, dilemma continues...
  8. Ahhhh!! You are right...that is a very wonderful commitment. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  9. I'm a fan of the Blue India!
  10. Most definitely blue india
  11. Hello!!! I voted for blue india. I am more of a blue person, and I think blue india is a great color for all seasons!
    Congrats on the donation, it's a very honorable thing to do!
  12. Blue INdia. I think it would go with more things.
  13. Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my post...and after a long and agonising thought process, I decided to...pass on the BI and wait for the Green...if I do get the Green eventually next year, I'll definitely post pics to share :smile:
  14. great decision the green is definately hot!!!!!