blue india or sky blue city??? opinions, please!


Feb 8, 2006
I bought a really pretty blue india city and it has the squishiest and softest leather ever! It definitely was not a planned purchase but I just fell in love w/ the color. I also own a sky blue city which also has beautiful leather. I need to part w/ one of them and I just can't seem to make up my mind! The leather on both are pretty much the same, which is surprising for an '06 bag. It is so hard when you have to choose between bbags that you adore! AHHH, please help me decide! :s
:yes: I completely sympathize wiht your dilemma, as I hate having to choose one to let go. Your choice is made harder because alot of Sky Blue seem to show up on ebay, but the Blue India is still available in stores. Are they both in the exact same condition? How are the tassles for both? I ask about the tassles because I know for right now the Sky Blue aren't available at Bal if you needed new ones, and I am sure they would have Blue India. Oh I am going to be of no help....since the Sky Blue is from 05, eventually mint ones have to be hard to come by, so maybe let the Blue India go. Can you post photos of them both? Maybe I could give better advice if I saw both.
I would let go of the sky blue simply because over time a lot look really faded and some turn yellow. I think the BI will age more nicely but the color is a little harder to match especially if you wear a lot of blues.
I think i would keep the Sky Blue - i dunno this is a hard one... I LOVE BLUE!!! I'm sure some of the other girls will be able to help you... sorry!!! But good luck with what you decide to do!!! :biggrin:
Extremely difficult decision since both are beautiful colors. I think sky blue is easier to coordinate with most colors, but is maybe more prone to getting dirty or discolored. Blue India is a gorgeous color, may not go with quite as much, but you don't have to worry as much about the color.

Do you have to decide right away? Maybe take each of them out a few more times and see if you have a gut feeling about which you like best.
having seen and spent some time with two beautiful BI cities yesterday that 2 of my pals own, i would say get rid of the sky blue. i ADORE all blues and i think sky blue is beautiful, but the BI in a city is just so vibrant and eye-popping. these gals were wearing black and gray and it just caught your eye as they walked down the street. it really reinforced for me that BI was the right choice for me for my Day. BUT it made me really want a CITY. hahah. so i say get rid of the sky can always sell the BI on ebay in a year or so and get another sky if you want a change!!
thanks for everyone's feedback. yes, marae, the BI city is GORGEOUS! my bf actually was the one who made me buy it. he really loved the color and since he is an artist and has a knack for colors, I value his taste.

this continues to be a tough decision.....i'm still not sure.