Blue India or Rouge VIF work bag!?

  1. I just bought a lovely black twiggy from one of the boardies a month ago. Completely in love with the twiggy~ ( i used to own a black city but i much more prefer the twiggy style now).

    I feel like I should be getting my next balenciaga!

    I decided I would pick either another twiggy or the work bag.

    Should I pick the blue india or Rouge? I love both color but i only can afford one at this moment. Will Blue India available to purchase until early next year? ( since it should last for at least 1 season). cos if it is.. i might just buy the rouge now and blue india next year...
  2. definitely, rouge vif!:choochoo:
  3. Depends on what you like...if you have a more subdued style, I'd go for the Blue India, which seems to be very subtle and versatile. The Rouge Vif is such a vibrant, loud color. If that's your style, it's perfect!
  4. Also, which style are you going to get - twiggy or work? If you still haven't decided the style, then this decision is even more complicated....rouge twiggy, blue india twiggy, rouge work, or blue india work? ;)
  5. get both ......
  6. I'm loving blue india right now! good luck!!
  7. rouge
  8. usually once balenciaga launched a new color, how long will it be available as stock in the shop? half year?? 3 months?
  9. ekeke, this is a trick question!!!! LOL, I'd SO buy both! hehehehehe!
  10. Both :devil::angel:
  11. id say try to get a rouge vif work now since they arent easy to come across anymore and then get your blue india later on in the year
  12. buy both :yes:
  13. I've seen both in real:drool: ...
    and I'm sorry it's impossible to choose:shrugs: ...
    Both colour are just amazing:yahoo: !!!

    So I'd say go for the colour that would match the better with your outfit:yes:
  14. The rouge vif is beautiful!!! You should definitely get the rouge vif!
  15. blue india!!!
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