Blue India is in the stores...BA-NY

  1. One of the SA just left a messagen saying that the Blue India City is:yahoo:
    in -I`m on the waiting list, but unfortunately I must
    cat is sick:crybaby: and all the money goes with her first, someone please grab
    that Bag.
    It`s ok, I will get one later, still I`m waiting for my teal city.
    Lesson learned:sad:
  2. Oh, I forgot....please please post it with pics, whoever will get one,
    I`d like to seee it. Good luck girls...:P

  3. that is such a pity... i hope your cat gets well soon:flowers:
    and you can always find bags later, you deserve one and i'm sure you'll find your teal:yes:
  4. Thanks Danae....The teal is coming on Friday.....but I`m very
    sad about my cat, there is little hope she will survive...:crybaby:
    she is old. Kidneyfailure....and she is my sweety.
    Balenciaga bags, I would sell them all....just to help my cat.

    BalNY is sending me a email with the city pic of the famous blue
    grey or India blue...I will ost it when I get it.

  5. omg, i'm so sorry, Swiss! many *hugs* for you and your cat:sad:
  6. I hope your cat feels better!
  7. Swissflower - Thanks for the BI news, I look forward to the photo.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I had a cat who went through kidney failure -- my heart goes out to you.
  8. I wish the best for your cat!
  9. Swiss all the very best for you and your cat :heart: :heart:
  10. Thanks you guys....this is the time when one has to wait with
    Handbags and enjoy what`s really special in life.
    I still did not get the pics from BalNY ...I will call
    and ask one more time, maybe they just forgot.:heart:
  11. I'm so sorry about your cat! You're both in my thoughts:heart:
  12. Sorry, swissflower. Thanks for reminding me what's important in life. I have a cat whom I adore and I hope she lives a long long long time and sleeps at my feet every night for years and years to come...
    Fingers crossed for your kitty!!! I hear vets are better trained than MDs. :heart:
  13. HUGS for you and your kitty!
  14. Wow, I`m sooo happy to be able to share this with all out there, this may be
    a forum for balbags but I sure need the support now.:sad:

    The siamease cat-Kitty will not make it-I think, to old to save:crybaby:
    the doc wants me to keep her and feed her medicine, I`m not
    strong enough to watch her waste away:crybaby:.

    Think of me tomorrow:shrugs:
  15. Swissflower you are in my thoughts :sad: . Animals are like angels and offer a type of unconditional excessive love that is sometimes difficult for humans to give. My dog got me through some tough times. Please let us know what happens.