Blue India First, Rouille (Rust) Twiggy, Black Part-time, Rosa Satin Clutch (w/ pics)

  1. Ladies,

    These came into NM today...
    (Pictures w/ and w/o flash)

    Blue India First


    Rouille (Rust) Twiggy


    Black Part-time (I don't have a picture of)

    I also got a picture of the rosa satin clutch


    There is also a satin first in dark green with gold hardware but I didn't take a picture of it.

    Please PM with your phone # if you are interested. I will call you when I get to work tommorrow.

    :heart: ,
  2. Great pictures - that must be some camera phone you have! thanks for posting.
  3. how much is the clutch?
  4. Thanks for the photos. The color and leather are gorgeous on that first!
  5. The clutchh is so pretty!!
    Thanks for posting and congrats on your new job!!
  6. Yes, how much are these? I'd like to know the difference between prices on ebay vs prices at the store. It seems better to buy full price and know what one is getting. I like the rust twiggy, ciao
  7. The Twiggy is hot!
  8. It's my digital camera. :yes:

    I belive the pochette (the official name) is $695. I will double check.

    The Twiggy is $1095.
  9. i thought balenciaga got rid of the veininess for the fall?
  10. Updates:

    Green Satin First


  11. OMG I love the green satin first!!!!! It's TDF! How much?
  12. Wow !! That green satin is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
  13. That green is so pretty. Wow.
  14. WOW chrissie!~ your store has a great Balenciaga selection!
  15. The Green Satin First is $995.