Blue India finally arrived at NM in SF

  1. Blue India finally got here yesterday. :smile: All the city have been spoken for. There are a couple Day, Part-time, and First left. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to give me a call at the store tommorrow.
  2. There is one City in Blue India left at my NM. Please give me a call tommorrow if anyone is still looking for it. It's the absolute last one! (All the other ones have been rung up for the waiting list's orders).
  3. why don't u guys have rouge vif in the first?
  4. I don't remember seeing the rouge vif in the first at all but if there was any, it was sold out as soon as it arrived at the store.
  5. the BI City still there? It's such a beautiful color; I'd be surprised if it is. Most pics just don't do this color justice!!
  6. Hi Yvonne,

    I'm sorry but all the cities have been sold. If you are interested, I will check to see if anymore is coming in.
  7. Chrissie -- will you be getting any BI Day bags in? I have a friend who's very interested and plans to buy one around Christmas, but I'm worried that there won't be any left. In another thread about Nordies and BI, the original poster believes that Balenciaga will not be sending any more BI bags to Nordstrom's for the rest of the season. What is the case with NM? Thanks.
  8. We still have some BI Day but I'm not sure if we will get anymore. I will try to find out for you.
  9. Another BI city came in (just one)!
  10. Hi Chrissie! Just wondering if you were able to find out whether any more BI Days are coming in....and for that matter, are ANY more BI bags (any style!) going to arrive this season from Balenciaga? Thanks!
  11. Hi Kristy, we are actually not sure whether more will come in b/c the stock lady is on vacatioin! I'm sorry I don't have more information.
  12. Hi, can you tell me the difference between the city, the first and the part timer? It looks to me like the city and the part timer are very similar, but the part timer is more rectangular in shape.
  13. The first is a rather small bag. The city is also called the medium. The part-time has the height of a city and the width of a office/work.