Blue India Club!!!! Calling all Blue India Owners- Pics!!!

  1. Some refer to Blue India as Blue Gray, others refer to it as Turquoise blue. I don't see any gray in mine at all. :confused1: There seems to be a great deal of variation in this color. :shrugs: This color is my favorite of all of my bags. Please post pictures all you BI owners/lovers!! Here are my 2! :wlae: Thanks!!!
    A pair of Blue India Balenciaga 2006.jpg
  2. Presenting my Blue India Coin Purse... not a bag though...

    ... does it count?? :p

    Pictured with my Navy Twiggy for comparison...
    Coin Purse & Twiggy.jpg
  3. OMG! Please tell me where you got that? It seems that bright coin purses are extemely hard to come by. Any idea where the best place to find them is? Oh, yes it sure does count!! So cute!! :girlsigh:
  4. I got it from Cult Status!

    I wont have her for long though. My Coin Purse and my Twiggy will hopefully have new homes in the very near future.

    I've decided I want an ever better holiday than what selling my City would give me!

    And, like some have said - B-bags will always be here, and with new luscious colours as well...

    Blue India IS stunning though, and when I'm back to Bal, I will try and find something in it again...

    Back to Bal in 2008 for me!

    I would contact CS for Coin Purses... they might have some in stock right now. Although, the price is higher than US retail :sad:
  5. Sorry. I don't have a photo of my Blue India Part Time BUT I really love it more every day! Gotten pretty hooked on the Part Time & the colour gets better with wear... ;))
  6. When BI came out, I really, really wanted it. Talked myself out of it because I had Cornflower. The Twiggy sold out very quickly too, so I missed out. Found one on eBay 7 weeks ago. Spent some time thinking about it. It had a good BIN, you could see it was still new. Saw Cilla's enabling pictures comparing BI to Cornflower and they are quite different. Went to buy it. It was sold. :crybaby: <---- me

    Relisted, hit the BIN! :yahoo: <---- me

    I made myself wait for a month for my birthday as my gift. I love it. The colour is amazing and way, way more versatile than I had thought!

    First picture in fluorescent lights, second in natural light, both indoors. The colour does change.

    I wish you well,



    BI Twiggy 01.jpg BI Twiggy 02.jpg
  7. my blue india weekender, love the color
  8. I'm loving all these BI pics!!! Bridget -- I'm so glad you finally got your coveted BI twiggy. Congrats, Purse-Ooooh and everyone else with BIs. I have a BI city with incredible leather, and it's one of my fave bags!

  9. Barney's in Chicago had a gorgeous, bright and shiney Aqua Coin Purse on Saturday :yes:
  10. My BI City! Y'all are making me miss my BI so much..:crybaby:
    I'm in Singapore and she's back in Thailand...

  11. Tis blue india color is the pics that everyone has posted their bag here.....:love: :love:
  12. O:huh: all these BI bags are so so hot! :drool:
  13. Gorgeous bag!!! I especially loved your creative use of graphics to tell your story!!! LOL! :winkiss:
  14. Thank you so much QV!! I will have to check with them!! :yahoo:
  15. here's mine :yes: