Blue India City........

  1. FYI for those of you that are looking for a BI City bag, BNY said that they will be receiving them tomorrow. I'm not getting one so I know that one place on the waiting list is open. Until Balenciaga takes a stand on counterfeit bags, I am done with them! Granted there are loads of fake LV's too but at least they had the gumption to sue. Balenciaga is too lazy to even join Vero. I will keep what I love, sell the rest and NOT on Ebay. :yucky:
  2. REALLY???!!!! YAY!!!!! Who did you talk to? =)
  3. Balenciaga is not even a part of VERO??! :hrmm:

    But that's so exciting that Blue India Cities are coming tomorrow!! I might have to go and see these...
  4. They will be getting a limited few for people that are already on the waiting list.:yes:
  5. My Mom is on the list and they are calling her tomorrow. I don't think she wants hers either. If they call, I will tell her to tell them to hold it and if someone here wants it, I will post here.
  6. No, they are not a part of VERO. One of the main sources of terrorist funding is counterfeit items. If they don't care, then they have seen the last of my money.:sad:
  7. The Gucci Group owns Balenciaga and they are in fact very active VERO members
    eBay View About Me for twatchgucci
    In fact, TWatchGucci is the group that took down most of the counterfeit Balenciaga listings on iOffer as well...
  8. Thank you but I don't think they are very active. There are hundreds of fake Balenciagas on ioffer right now. I sent Balenciaga pictures of at least 200 bags on Ebay and they did nothing. Many of the bags are still on Ebay and some of them have been sold. I contacted one buyer and she said that she had no clue it wasn't real and wasn't going to pay the seller. So as strange as it seems to us, because we all love designer bags and know something about them, there are many unsuspecting people.
    When I bought my 2 fakes, I didn't have a clue. I paid almost retail. TPF wasn't here. I was a LV girl at the time. The sellers had hundreds of positive feedbacks and were selling the City bags like hotcakes. I fell for it. It was almost 2 years later when I realized that they were fake.
    There are a lot of people that don't go to NM, Saks, Barneys, etc. They shop on Ebay. Maybe they don't have a credit card to order from NM or BNY. They shop on ebay and use Pay Pal or send money order, etc.
    It's funny, because it is a crime, it is fraud, but for some reason there is this mind set that it's *just Ebay same ole same ole*. I just don't get it. It's really even worse because with Ebay it is crime on a HUGE level.
    I hope LV wins their lawsuit, others follow and win and then all of the consumers who have been ripped off on Ebay and PayPal file a massive and HUGE class action lawsuit.;)
  9. ^^^I respect that you are passionate with your position on this. However, I do not think that it is Balenciaga's responsibility to stop Ebay from allowing fakes to be sold on Ebay's website. I agree Ebay deserves to have lawsuits brought against them if they are not doing enough or anything to stop these counterfeits being sold on their site which they are also profiting from. Balenciaga is the first to tell you they do not have any authorized online retailers. I do sympathize with you and anyone who has been scammed or taken by a seller or buyer for that matter on Ebay, but that is EBAY and sellers they allow to use their site.

    :back2topic: Can't wait to get my City.:yahoo:
  10. I respectfully disagree. Ebay doesn't know what is authentic. They are not experts. All Balenciaga had to do is actively participate in VERO. Come on, I sent them over 100 obvious fakes. If they are indeed a member of VERO one phone call would have removed all of those listiings. If they stopped them on ioffer, why not Ebay? :rolleyes:My scam happened 2 years ago. I think the fact that it is still happening is ridiculous. I stand by my statement that VERO is there for a reason and Balenciaga isn't diligent enough. They don't even have to search for the auctions. If they are sent to them, they only need to contact Ebay and all 100+ of those auctions would have been gone in minutes. They choose to ignore. So do I.
  11. It is not up to Balenciaga to stop Ebay from allowing people to sell fakes. I understand you were scammed, but this is an Ebay problem. You don't have to use Ebay, you don't have to buy Balenciaga, that's your choice. I just don't appreciate feeling like you are raining on my parade. I looked at this thread because the title said Blue India City...I can't wait to get my city and am so looking forward to it. I don't care to see your signature and read that you are done with Balenciaga because they do not protect unsuspecting buyers from ebay. Buyer beware.
  12. :lol: Guess it is since I received and email from Balenciaga apologizing for the delay in getting the auctions taken down. The auctions are all gone. Ebay left them up until Balenciaga told them to remove them. :supacool:
  13. 0o0o0 how exciting!!! Blue India Cities!!! I hope someone gets one soon - I cant wait to see what it looks like! LOL - of course its going to look like the other Blue India b-bags, but you know what i mean! hehehe!

    btw - fake talk should be directed to the FAKE THREAD :biggrin:
  14. Happy ending ?!

    Keep your Balenciagas, you have a lovely collection!
  15. Please post pics of your new Blue India....I`m still getting
    my new(used) Teal city...I`m on stand by with the Blue India:crybaby: :wlae:
    for right now.
    But I hope I can get the new Blue India, if it`s worth it.:wlae: