Blue India City w/ free US shipping ..

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  1. Omg, great price too!
  2. I would love a BI city..that one looks great...
  3. OMG, this just reminded me that my BI City is coming TODAY from Aloha Rag!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! :yahoo:
  4. BI city is so pretty! Congrats on your new one Larnette!
  5. Wonder why she is selling it?
  6. I'm definitely ambivalent about selling it, it's a beautiful bag. In fact, I had it listed last week and then pulled it to take time to reconsider and make sure. I finally decided that a darker blue (maybe marine) would work better for me.
  7. Just got home to find my beautiful new BI City waiting for me!!! Absolutely FAB! Will post pics soon! Luuurrrvvee the color! :smile:
  8. It's yours CityChris? It's GORGEOUS !!! Good luck with your sale!!! :flowers:
  9. Thanks!:yes: