Blue India City is Here

  1. It's just as Joseph described it, light teal w/ grey undertones. But I think I may have to send my bag back, as there is a defect in the handles. Some white stuff is poking through one of the little holes. It is a very pretty bag though. I'm not too sure if i'm in love with it...will post pics as soon as I can.
  2. ohhh it sounds wonderful!

    can you post some pictures?? :smile:
  3. 0o0o0o pics pics pics.... oh i wonder whats up with the handles???!!!
  4. please!
  5. Oo pictures please!! I still haven't seen the BI city. I'm dying to see it!
  6. pictures PLEAAASE!!
  7. It sounds like a color that you either love or hate. Its kinda too "dull" for me. I got excited in the beginning about it, but as I saw others bags, it didnt do anything for me. Post a picture though!
  8. Sorry for the she is.

    1- Closest to the color IRL
    2- Without flash
    3- Handle defect
    4- Natural light
    5- Without flash
    IMG_0786.jpg IMG_0790.jpg IMG_0828.jpg IMG_0834.jpg IMG_0884.jpg
  9. It's gorgeous!! I love the color. Sorry to hear about the white stuff.
  10. OMG, beautiful! beautiful! Drooool. It's amazing how different the color looks depending on light conditions. Very chameleon-like! Sorry about your handle issue, you must have eagle eyes because I doubt I'd even detect that myself!

    I've been waiting all day for the UPS man to deliver mine. Any minute now!!!
  11. Yours is a BEAUTIFUL color!! Just like I was hoping that mine would be. I got mine yesterday and was so disappointed in the color. The leather was wonderful on it but the color is too dark, & too blue. It does not have enough green in it and I see no grey at all in mine. So... back it goes. Yours is just perfect though!! Congratulations!
  12. The color is gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear about the defect. I'm sure they can send you another bag if you decide you want it.
  13. The blue india's I've seen IRL have been like Golden described, really blue and no grey undertones. But yours is really prety, enjoy!
  14. argghh its so beautiful.. hopefully he can find you another beauty minus the the handle issue.
  15. It is very very pretty! I bet it is like a fantasy to carry!