Blue India CITY at last!

  1. First of all a big, HUGE thanks to BalenciagaLove who found this bag for me! :tender: The Part-Time ships back tomorrow, but since they both were in the same room for a brief period I wanted to get a couple of comparison shots for my B-girls so you could see the differences in color, leather, and style:
    Blue India PT and City.jpg Blue India pair.jpg
  2. :nuts: 0o0o yummy!!! what great pics... Im glad that you found a CITY!!! I reckon both the leathers/colours look awesome!!! :wlae:
  3. Congrats ET!! Enjoy this lovely bag!
  4. Congrats!! It's GORGEOUS! I haven't stopped carrying my BI City since the day I got it. I'm totally in love!
  5. Congrats ET! The leather on that City is Gorgeous!!!:nuts:
  6. Beautiful ET!!!!!! I got a part-time in the blue india and must say I'm really thrilled with the colour & size. In the evening in my house it looks so different than in the daylight... very tealy grey.... really a gorgeous turquoise in others light... very happy camper!
  7. WOW... gorgeous. I am still sorry that I didnt get the one that my Mom returned. i have a feeling a couple of years from now people will be regretting it as I am. It is a beautiful color. I think it is the prettiest blue of all the Balenciaga bags, except for ink.
  8. Whow very nice, should look great with darkbrown clothes congrats!
  9. yay, congrats and thank you for the pics!!!! woo hoo!!
  10. oooh gorgeous enjoy
  11. as much as i love the color, when i was in london i tried it on in harvey nichols and the leather is just so thin and not soft and thick so i didn't buy it.. i would rather get an older bag from '04 or '05 :smile: but congrats, it's very pretty. in london they had everything in this color when i was there
  12. Very pretty!! It is nice to see the part time and the city next to each other.
  13. I love it, the city looks fabulous! Congratulations!!!
  14. wow! beautiful! and it's so nice to see both of them together!
  15. YAY! The leather on yours looks gorgeous. I know the leather will vary from bag to bag but the leather on my Twiggy (and your bag) is fabulous. No, it's not as thick as the old days but it's on par with my Rouge Vif, which is by far the best I've seen on the 06 bags. Enjoy!