Blue India/Bleu Glacier/Aquamarine... differences?

  1. These tree colors look very similar at times. What would you guys say is the biggest difference between them? Which one is lighter/darker??
  2. I would say that Bleu Glacier doesn't have much green in it. It's far more a purple based blue. When I first saw it, I thought it was a faded Cornflower. I checked the tag though and it was 2007 1. I took my BI with me to Saks and compared it to the Aqua and the Aqua definitely has green in it, more so than the BI. The BI is a darker, dustier turquoise. But I think the colours are close enough that I would not buy both.

    I hope I have explained what I saw well. Colours can be so hard to describe.

    I wish you well,

  3. Bridget S. you have written a perfect description!!! Among these 3 colours Blue Glacier is my beloved one!
  4. I haven't seen Blue India IRL.

    But both Aquamarine & Bleu Glacier are so beautiful. I was suprised that Aqua wasn't as bright as I expected it to be - it was very wearable & looked like it would go with alot. The leather was nice too. Bleu Glacier is SOOO beautiful, I LOVED the color :yes: The leather one the one I saw was very thin & marbled, though... I think that's why it wasn't more popular - b/c the leather wasn't exactly desirable. Color-wise it's one of my favorite bal colors ;)
  5. couldn't have said it better!:yes:

  6. Well said!:tup:
  7. Aqua is a lot darker than Blue are some comparison pics :smile:
    024.JPG 025.JPG 026.JPG 027.JPG
  8. blue glacier is very greyish, and all the bags i've seen had very distressed veiny leather.
  9. i'd say bleu glacier totally off against the other two. i'd wanted bg as my first bbag as it has cloudy grey tones and no green in it.
  10. i have a bleu glacier ggh day and i love. i had an aqua too but sold it. i think the bg is so unique in the color. it is blue, but i times i see it as greyish and lanvenderish too.
  11. hello my tpf friends!

    i've included my blue glacier for reference....
    hope this will help!~

    1. the beauty fresh out of the box
    2. after a few uses...

    the handles have gotten a little bit dark after one year of use.... but it's still a beautiful color!
    Picture 044.jpg b1.JPG