Blue India according to Aloha Rag

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  1. Here it is.

    It looks lovely:love::yahoo:
  2. lovely colo:drool: r and the leather too is gorgeous .congrats
  3. I wish it were mine! I can't buy another bag for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time!
  4. Do they have it in stock already? it's so niceeee
  5. YES YES YES - that is the perfect color and the perfect leather. Looks nice and thick. Need the part time, need the mid afternoon.
  6. So pretty in the first! Thanks for posting!
  7. i think that's a really good representation of the colour. i received my blue india weekender yesterday and it is GORGEOUS. the leather has absolutely no blemishes, inconsistencies or imperfections... i couldn't have asked for a more perfect bag!!!
  8. I think Blue India is one of my favorite combination of leather and color in F/W 06 besides Rouge Vif.
  9. Keep posting those blue India pictures girls!
  10. so far i actually think the blue india is turning out better than the rouge vif. i've seen alot of inconsistency with the rouge vif... like parts that aren't 'glazed'.
  11. don't hate me gals, but sometimes the leather looks "plastically", cause maybe it's extra smooth or something. it will probably look much better in better and would feel like butter!
  12. gorgeous gorgeous
  13. Hey! Are you trying to slip one by us?!? Where are your photos?!?! ;)
  14. i go back and forth between places so i don't always have my bags w/ me, but ill try to take a pic of it sooner or later w/ photobooth

    the leather isn't stiff at all. it's really soft!
  15. lizlike..... thank you so much for sharing this GORGEOUS pic :flowers: !!! This BI in classique looks amazing :yahoo: . . . would like to see (and feel!!) it in real :drool:
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