Blue Inclusion on Elux

  1. As of now they have the speedy keychain.
    buy Buy BUY!!!
  2. oh thanks for the info!
  3. thank you Beelzebub.
  4. It also shows that a Blue Inclusion Phone Accessory is available.
  5. Saw these in real life today! LVoely!!!
  6. That was fast! Usually the new Inclusion stuff takes forever to show up.
  7. That was fast! They don't show online anymore :nuts: HHmmm... Maybe a TPFer already has them in her shopping cart?
  8. Thanks for the info.
  9. this would look so yummy on a Azur bag :smile:
    blue.jpg blue2.jpg
  10. I wish the barrette GM came in this pretty color !!
  11. I did this pic when I first got my keyring. Since I don't have any other Azur bags, this will do. :p
  12. My very first inclusion item :graucho:!!!

    I just ordered it off of eluxury!

    Lvbabydoll I think it looks lovely on your azur!!!
  13. It is an awesome match to the azur!