blue hydra picotin reveal

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  1. ready to meet lucy???? this is walter the delivery guy! :cool:
  2. SURE I'M READY !!:yahoo::yahoo:
  3. me here too...
  4. going out of town today, i have to leave her, maybe i'll just leave her like this.:P
  5. well, i want to make sure its what i think it is, i mean it could be ski's i'm expecting those too!:graucho:
  6. bored yet? i am! let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
    IMAG0284 (4).jpg
  7. you can't see the gorgeous color here-wait a minute and let me dress her up and try to fix the light better.;)
  8. there now, pretty as a picture!:biggrin:
    IMAG0281 (1).jpg
  9. gorgeous. love the pop blue on the pico.what siye is it?
  10. Like your reveal, almost felt like a real live show:

    Thanks for sharing !

    Modelling pics pls:smile:
  11. last but not least-emme the cat!:smile:
  12. thank you so much its the mm.
  13. Lovely picotin! I m thinking to get one, too!
  14. Great colour and a big hello to Walter.
  15. What a cute n lovely picotin