Blue Hydra Picotin MM VS Jypsiere 28 Mykonos

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I fall in love with Hermes Jypsiere 28 since it first launched a few years ago but its price has kept me away from it, especially other members who got this bag complaining how difficult it was to open and close. The price is too high for me to make a mistake of buying it and not using it and leave it in the closet.

    Yesterday, I called Hermes BH and was told they just got Picotin MM in Ultraviolet. I put it on hold and drove there to see. The Picotin might look understated but it is funny that the more you look at it, the more beautiful it becomes. So much so, I try to to be frugal; I bought it..:roflmfao: The SA told me that I was lucky to get it since Picotin MM in Ultra Violet is quite rare to come by..Is it true??

    Later on in the day, I was contacted by a reseller and was told that they just got Picotin MM in Hydra blue and it looks really delicious (at least on my monitor). And I also saw Hermes Jypsiere 28 in Mykonos which I can put on layaway if I want to.

    I love bright colors, especially red. I have quite a few red purses but I normally wear blue and black. I look better in blue than in red due to my skin tone.

    Well, my questions are-Should I also buy Picotin MM in Hydra Blue? Does blue outfit and blue purse is overkilled?? Or I should consider Hermes Jypsiere Mykonos?? Or I should be happy to have Picotin Ultra Violet and stop being frivolous? Hermes leathers are so irresistible but their price can make me being so reluctant and guilty..
    Please advice....:smile:
  2. I am not a big fan of the Jypsiere so my vote is for the Picotin. If you like the color and if you like the Picotin, I think you should go for it. I think it is a great bag.
    Congratulations on the UV Picotin, please post some (modeling) pics :biggrin:!
  3. Congrats on your UV Picotin! great bag and quite rare in MM size! Deciding between two gorgeous bags isn't easy... The Mykonos Jypsiere sounds amazing. Have you tried it on to be sure the weight doesn't bother you? For me, that is the issue with the Jypsiere. There are was to wear it and keep the straps open for more access. Adding diversity in your collection might be appealing , but you have to see if it works for you. Picotin is one of my favorite under the radar bags as they are so light weight and easy to carry. Go for the one that truly makes your heart sing as they are both lovely options. Ask yourself, if money were no object, which one makes your heart skip a beat.....Then, u will know! Best of luck!
  4. if you like blues, why don't u return the uv pico and get the BH one instead? i don't think it is an overkill to wear blue and blue together as they are soooo many different shades of blue. if you wear blue neon and carry a BH pico then that's an overkill. otherwise, dark blue with BH could look fabulous..

    BH and mykonos are very similar yet very different, i have seen BH in person and own a mykonos pico. BH is the bright intense neon version of mykonos imho.

    however, if i were you, i would keep the uv pico and get the mykonos jypsiere. sounds like even with the negative feedback you are still in love with the bag. i would prefer to diversify colours and bag styles. good luck deciding.
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    Thank you, everyone. I don't think I can return this picotin UV since Hermes allow only exchange and store credit. But that is ok since this purse is to beautiful to return. The pictures I posted here can't justify the true beauty of Ultra Violet. It is dark purple and looks really regal.
    image-3160271120.jpg image-2105218675.jpg image-3360389011.jpg
  6. Yes, I did try on Jypsiere 28 at the store. It is not heavy when empty but I'm not sure about when I packed some personal stuffs in there. The picotin MM itself weighs 21 oz. or 1 lb. and 5 oz.(Just in case anyone wants to know.) and when I put my small wallet and a small agenda, it is already not light. When you plan to use it during travel or walk a lot during the day, every oz. does matter. Although I don't travel a lot but after a few trips with backache and feet's ache, travel light does matter to me. I think I might have to forgo Jypsiere although I like its look but it costs me too much to feel comfortable with. I never buy the same bag in different colors. Is it too redundant to buy another Picotin in blue hydra? What do you guys think?? Thank you!!
  7. Well first of all I think that the UV is gorgeous on you. I hope you keep it and dont return it for store credit as UV is so pretty. It looks just great with that your wearing in the picture too so it is certainly a color for you! AS for the Mykonos J versus BH Pico I dont know if I would go for either. I, personally, prefer BH over Mykonos, however I dont know if I would say you need to get another Pico right away. On the other hand I am not a huge Jypsiere fan. Therefore, if I were you, I think I would keep my UV Pico, pass on the Mykonos Jypiere and if anything keep my money and try to put it towards making another BH purchase but with Hermes themselves. Get a bit of wear out of your UV unless you absolutely NEED a blue asap
  8. Thank you, GlamourBag! No, I won't return.. That's for sure! I think my bank account might be thanking you now.:smile:
    Btw, I changed my sweeter from black to light blue so that I can capture the bag's pictures better but UV looks really good with black outfit. Is Hydra blue hard to find?? Just wondering since I don't want to regret to let it goes..
  9. I love the color UV and I love the pico bag, so I'd say you have a nice find! Great color + great bag = Keep! However, if YOU don't think it is "great" that's another story.

    I think you made a good choice. If you are unsure about your next bags, wait a little while and purchase something you truly love.
  10. We are bag twins in UV picotin MM.
    It is really rare as my local store SAs never saw it as far as I m concerned.

    Blue colors are amazing in Hermes, no worry about blue tones being overwhelming. I have GP in azur, birkins in electric blue, Mykonos. And of course picotin in UV now.
    Jyspiere is not my favorite and never enters my collection.
    Go for the blue hydra if it is really delicious!
  11. I love BH..such a pretty color and it really stands out Hermes quality of leather. I'm one of the few who don't love UV..however the picotin looks really cute on you.

    Doesn't matter how many people like it or hate long as you love it then it is worth every penny.
  12. Halothane, Yes, we are!! I saw your collection's list>>Wow, there are a lot of B!!

    I love blue too, Paris_lilly.

    Does anyone know that Hydra blue is hard to find? Will it have any color transfer's problem? I have Prada white tote which I love but it always have color transfer from my jeans to the tote and I don't like my purse looking dirty..:nogood:
  13. isn't BH a seasonal colour like BE? if so, I would get the picotin, it looks cute on you,

    congrats on the UV picotin
  14. It's a seasonal blue. Like any seasonal colors, they're all the rage at the moment with high stocks. Come next season or 2 seasons later, you won't find Bleu Hydra anymore. That does not mean the color is discontinued. Congrats on UV picotin!
  15. I am so glad u decided to keep uv pico as u carry it very well! I am not a fan of jyepsiere so I would go with BH pico -:smile: or still wait for the exact bag I want