Blue hues

  1. I'm torn between indigo and brighton blue for my second Birkin. I wear jeans of all shades so I want a blue Birkin that will compliment most of my jeans. I love ostrich, but I'm afraid of this leather. I definitely want a leather that will last. I think both indigo and brighton blue are complimentary hues for denim. Brighton blue pops just enough to get noticed. Indigo makes a good marriage with jeans. If you have experience with H blues, please chime in. Pictures with denim backgrounds would help, too. Thanks!
  2. I have blue brighton but have a yen for indigo right now. I think it depends what colors you wear with your jeans.
  3. Indigo in togo almost looks black..hard to see the blue
  4. lisawhit, that was my thought, too. I want a blue that is noticeably blue and complimentary.
  5. I just saw Piaffe's thread re: Feb Podium Orders. Someone mentions that Blue Thalassa is on offer. It's a beautiful colour IMHO.
  6. hello2703, I love that agenda as I'm partial to anything blue....I worry about the skin holding up. Will it crack or dry out? Thanks.
  7. Bleu Indigo in VL is gorgeous, IMO.
  8. I have an Indigo bag in fjord coming on the slow boat. I chose indigo just for jeans. ( not a Birkin).
  9. ^^coleigh, I don't own anything in ostrich but I am sure some ostrich owners can answer your question about the leather holding up. The only thing I remember that sometimes can happen is that one of the 'eyes' becomes loose but can be reattached at the spa.
  10. I agree mrssparkes. Its stunning!!! and would look great with most coloured jeans
  11. I wear a lot of denim and like colors that contrast a bit more against my jeans or compliment and blend in nicely so I am partial to blue jean or indigo in Fjord or VL for a neutral that would work well with various shades of denim. BB is beautiful, but the color may or may not work since there is that slight purple undertone to it.
  12. orchids, do you happen to have a picture of what Bleu Indigo looks like in Fjord? Don't worry, if you don't have one readily available. I can go search the archives.
  13. orchids, I heard someone say that before.
    I was really looking at BB, but that sort of changed my mind a little. As that would def not suit my wardrobe.
    I wonder if BJ would be too light?? and Indigo too dark??

    Coleigh, I am really glad you bought up this question again!!:tup: