Blue Hillier color transfer


Feb 10, 2006
I posted this in the general forum, but I thought I would here as well. I was carrying my beloved new blue Hillier Hobo all day, and it was very warm out. The white shirt I was wearing got some of the blue from the bag transferred onto it. I have never had this happen with a bag before. Is there any way to prevent transferring? Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. It says on the tag of the bag that color-transfer can happen, I just never experienced it before. I wonder if it would stop after the bag ages? thanks for any help!
Jan 8, 2009
Heat is always going to cause a problem with dye transfer sometimes. I have had this happen to my patent bags and never was able to get the color out. You just have to be careful especially on your clothes and leaving your purse on the seat of the car while driving if you have leather seats...Try lightly bleaching the shirt if it's white.