Blue Heaven Boutique-Summer Sale Plus 20% Code


    I found a code for an additional 20% off... jess20 (It works..I tried it!!!):yahoo:

    They have some cute Mike & Chris jackets on sale!!!
  2. any others?? that one doesnt work...
  3. i think 'wtf' might work!! good luck!
  4. How about toutie for 20% off?
  5. toutie is only 15% but i just tried wtf.... and wtf it worked!!! lol
  6. Anyone have any codes? I need a Brokedown hat LOL.

    Toutie only works for $150+

    wtf only gave me free shipping...

    Help LOL!
  7. none of these are working except for "WTF" for free shipping, which doesn't really help since i live

    does anyone know of any other codes that will take a % off!? hopefully more than 15%?

  8. jess15 takes of 15%

    I used that one about a week and a half ago. That's the only active code that I know of, although there could be more.
  9. I'm surprised anything works...this is an old thread! LOL!!
  10. hehe i was reviving it in hopes that i will find current ones. :p

  11. That's so cute! Good luck! If I find any, I'll let you know!:tup:
  12. thank you're always super sweet.

    FYI, i wrote them an email last nite and this is the reply i got -


    All of the coupon codes you mentioned (save20, jess20, toutie) are quite old and expired. We no longer offer discount coupons. You can get free ground shipping with code WTF.

    so i guess i'm out of luck, sniff.

  13. Considering today's economy and their web competition, one would imagine that they would rethink this new policy!!!!!!!!!