Blue Hamptons Weekend Tote- PICS!!!

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  1. I bought it!
    Still have to decide if i am going to keep it or not. the blue is the most beautiful color i have ever seen, but i am really not liking the straps, or the semi zipper top. now i'm thinking i want a carly instead! oh well. anyway, here are pictures!

    what should i do? I really want either a black/black or denim medium carly. i'm so sad i don't love this bag the way i thought i would.
    pictures 002small.jpg pictures 005small.jpg pictures 011small.jpg pictures 012small.jpg
  2. Ahhh! I LOVE IT!!!! :yahoo: It's sooooo cute!
  3. I bought that bag (in black). I put stuff in it; I took stuff out of it -- pondered, wondered, questioned my purchase.
    Eventually returned it and got the hamptons multifunction tote (which does not come in that gorgeous blue color). I'd say ponder it some more; it will either grow on you not.
  4. It so pretty. Seems like a great bag for summer. I hate when I have that unsureness about a bag. Give it a day or 2 to decide.
  5. Yeah, I'd give it a day or two. If you are not in love with it after you warm up to it, then return it. It's sure cute though and the color is gorgeous!
  6. How GORGEOUS! I love that colour! Keep it for a few days to see if it grows on you but if not, return it and try try again :yes:
  7. I like all of your choices and personally I would have chosen to buy the Carly first before getting that tote.

    Totally agree though that the color is very beautiful!

    Hope that helps!
  8. It's a lovely color!
  9. The color IS really pretty, but I do love my Carly.....

    I'm glad I don't have to make the decision! It's the color that really makes it hard, I'd agree with the majority and say take a day or two to figure it out.
  10. i was going to get this bag too but i didnt like that the strap drop was SO short so i got the hamptons hobo and i love it! it has a long strap drop and fits so nicely!
  11. I think it's cute, but if given the choice I'd go with a carly!
  12. i love the color it is gorgeous. but i agree about the strap drop. it's a bit too short for me. i love my black carly, but if they made a carly in that beautiful blue color, i'd buy it. :yes:
  13. OMG, that color is gorgeous. :drool:

    I wish they would make the multifunction tote in that color.
  14. I am a total fanatic for blue and I would DIE for a Carly in that color! I wish, I wish...Coach would use that pretty blue color for some other styles. I just don't love the Hampton's tote syle for me :sad:
  15. personally, I LOVE this tote! (am not a fan of the Carly)

    and is that a dooney bumble bee something or other accessory in there? it's TOO CUTE with the blue!