Blue groom zippy organizer?

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  1. I was browsing in Chanel Forum, and found this.

    I thought it only come in green??? :confused1: :wtf:
  2. I think the zippe only did come in green but you should really PM the person rather than bring it up in public.
  3. Yes it did only come in green.
  4. I own all the blue groom pices and don't have a zippy so that means she probably got it on Ioffer or something...


    that's sad! a hint to tell counterfeint groom pices is the shadow it shuuldn't be clutterd it should have an etched effect...
  5. :confused1:
  6. hmm.
  7. How embarrassing. This doesn't need to be here. Pm the girl and maybe the mods could close this thread. :tdown:
  8. Oh my.....that is embarassing!
  9. one easy way to tell a fake groom is by looking at the groom himself. there should be a sort of shadow or shading at his right hand all the way down to the luggage he is carrying. The luggage shudnt be just be one whole color, it shud have shadows kinda like the sun was hitting it.
  10. this is embarassing
  11. The poor girl.. well just make sure you tell her she has gotten ripped off! I wonder if she already knows.
  12. I agree with the others. Please PM the person, no need to embarrass someone in public. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.