Blue Groom wallet on elux

  1. I know lots of you still wanted some groom items I was their a little bit ago and wala.

    Today I got my groom cless and loved it. Its soooooo cute. Ive herd many say its special and thats how I feel :heart:.
    I know you guys have seen many so I wont try to post pics and besides I dont know how to post pics they just dont come out.
  2. Wow, I haven't seen that on there for a long time. I love mine!
  3. I love how the groom items have their lining the same as the silkscreen colour! Congrats!
  4. Awww... congrats on the new purchase!
  5. Congratulations on your new purchase. Lucky to find one!
  6. Congratulations - I love the groom pieces!!!
  7. Congrats!!!!
  8. Congrats, I wonder what do people use their cles for besides attaching their keys?