Blue Groom Agenda - falling out of love

  1. Hello all! I haven't posted in a few months! I was on a major LV ban because I wanted to pay off my credit cards and save for other things. Now I'm back in the game.

    One of my co-workers wants to buy my blue groom agenda off of me, she adores it and I'm, frankly, bored with it. I don't really use it. It just sits in my bag in it's own little compartment hardly ever getting looked at or used. Some of the black material has actually transferred onto the white strip of the agenda, I have to clean that off.

    My co-worker is having a baby so I feel bad selling her an agenda and I was thinking of just giving it to her but I'm really not rolling in the money right now where I can just give away LV pieces.

    I hate to sell it on eBay and regret it, but I think it might be best to sell it for as much as I can get, get a basic LV planner (so I don't have to be so damn careful with it as the groom) and put the rest towards a bag. God forbid I regret it.

    Oh the perils of LV!
  2. I think it's best for you to put in on eBay since you want to get as much $ back as possible. As far as gift to your co-worker, perhaps some baby item will be more appropriate instead of LV? It all depends on your budget, gosh i admire you for stop visit tPF....i am too weak and too addicted to this forum already *sigh* lol.
  3. I say eBay it too! If you're normally an agenda person then maybe it's just because of worries about chipping that prevents you from using the groom.
  4. yes! I'd put it on ebay too!
  5. sell it if u don't like it
  6. I'd keep it because it's LE....someday you may wish you had. It's a fabulous piece!
  7. Buy the new agenda, take the groom out of your bag & put it away for a month, then take it out to look at it. If you're still not feeling it, then sell it on eBay or somewhere else.
    I think a different gift for your coworker would be appropriate, she won't have time to use an agenda once baby gets here.