Blue-Grey... where are you?

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  1. Does anyone have any new information on the blue-grey?...
    WHEN IS IT GETTING HERE!!:hysteric:

    I think it's been almost 3 weeks, since I pre-ordered mine and still no word...

    I'm wondering if I should just cancel and get another bag...:shrugs:
  2. Did you order from BalNY? I know LVR is saying end of August. What style did you order?
  3. I pre-ordered the First from BalNY.
    Joseph is suppose to send it as soon as they receive it, since I already gave me my card and shipping info.

    My patience is starting run out though...
  4. Did he give you a ballpark date? Hang in there!
  5. i think middle to end of august is when they are supposed to come out.
  6. I know Nordies Arden Fair is at least 6 weeks out :crybaby:
  7. I called BalNY today and they said perhaps the 20th of August.
  8. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps....hard to stay patient, easy to get distracted and buy other bags!:whistle:
  9. i cannot wait to get my blue grey that i almost bought the rouge. i had to keep reminding myself that i have a chanel coming and i should not be spending more money......
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