Blue/Grey or Black first?


Black or Blue/Grey First?

  1. Black First

  2. Blue/Grey First

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  1. Hey guyss..

    Thats it!!! I decided to get the baleniaga first!!! but the problem is that I cant decide on the color. I had an earlier thread on this issue so I have decided to create a poll!!

    its either the blue/grey or black first?

    any other suggestions are welcome.

    PS. I am looking for a color that I will go with anything - but also something that I can take out for dinner, clubbing, etc (I will not be using it for day, mainly night)

    thankss! you all are the BEST!!
  2. Get blue/ can always get a black bag later.
  3. i agree with esiders, the blue-grey looks divine!
  4. I looooooooove my black city. But I think the first looks better in those pretty colors that Balenciaga is so great at making! (ie. magenta, turquoise 05, apple green etc.) I think you should wait to see how the blue-grey looks in the first before making a decision. I personally think it's going to be gorgeous! (plus, you can always get a black bag!)
  5. I'm just worried that the blue/grey might clash with what i'm wearing! ... i dont know tho.. i do like the color!
  6. although you can technically always get a black first, if you find one with great leather that you love, that's what i'd get.
    if you're already worried about the blue-grey clashing, that could be a problem.
  7. i vote for... black first???
  8. I vote black:supacool:
  9. It's just so hard to say right now without having seen the color IRL...that's why I voted basic black. :smile: Did you think about Ink?
  10. If you will be using it exclusively at night then I would recommend getting it in black. However, I really like the blue/grey. I think it's going to be the best color of the season. I just think it will be more of a daytime color.
  11. Black first--it's the perfect style and color for night and if a drunk guy spills his drink on you at a bar it won't show! ;)
  12. I voted for blue-grey because the black comes out every season. Get the colors you want now! And if (heaven forbid) there's a season in which you don't like the colors, then go for the black! :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  13. Black First. Will go with everything.. can do day as well as dinners, clubbing.. as per your needs:smile:
  14. yeppers, i voted for the black first too, because you can't go wrong ;)
  15. Black. It's classic, chic and great looking on an evening-out bag. You don't have to worry about it clashing or not going with something you are wearing. You can also pick one up now instead of pre-ordering a blue gris. Either way, my guess would be that whether you go with black now or blue grey now, once you have one it won't take you long to want another one and you'll end up with both at some time. :smile: