Blue-Grey Crossover..

  1. Well I've done it.. I'm crossing over from being a total Chanel whore to possibily becoming a total Balenciaga whore:wtf:

    I call Bal-NY today and gave all my CC info. over to Joseph so I can get the Blue-Grey Classique, as soon as it comes in.

    I can trust him to get me my first and 'perfect' bag right??..

    SOOOO EXCITED:yahoo: ! (my boyfriend thinks I'm kinda nuts)
  2. Yes... he'll get you the perfect bag! Congrats on your first bbag!

    BTW did he mention when they're expecting blue-grey?
  3. Good for you honey! You will not regret it :smile:

    I have the same question... lemming a blue grey, any idea when it's coming?
  4. I'm so excited for you!! :nuts: :nuts:
    Joseph is great when it comes to picking that perfect bag for you. I have bought all my bags from him and he has never disappointed me!! I wholeheartedly trust him! :yes:
  5. hatikuh & spiralsnowman: He said at least 2 weeks and at most 3. There is word that it could even be the end of August, but he was saying how the colors normally come in with the new RTW collection, and that's suppose to be in by end of July.

    It was so weird, in the middle of giving him my address he finished my street name, and behold! He use to live in the same area as I live in right now:wtf: . hehe.

    Thanks ladies for the welcoming.. and now the waiting begins..:hysteric:
  6. I just got my first b-bag from Joseph. He picks out gorgeous bags
  7. Congrats pink!!!:yahoo: Welcome to the Bbag club!:heart: Post pictures when you get it!!!!
  8. I just talked to Joseph and got added to the blue-gray preorder list for a Twiggy. Sadly, it doesn't come in the Purse style but blue-gray will be available in Twiggy, City, Day, Classique, and Work. (and perhaps a couple other styles but I didn't catch them all)

    He confirmed that it would probably be about 3 weeks.
  9. Congrats, pink and kristy! The Blue Grey looks gorgeous in the sample pics I've seen so far. Great choice!:heart:
  10. YEA!!!!can't wait to the color IRL~~
  11. Congrats on your pre-order! This is one very anticipated colour!
  12. Three weeks! I don't know whether to be excited or impatient. :wtf: I need this bag!!! :lol: :roflmfao: :upsidedown:
  13. where can we see sample pics of the blue grey???
  14. Wow! How exciting - please post pics AS SOON AS you get her!

    I'm so surprise that Bal. NY won't be getting every bag in every style - whats up with that?