Blue Grey Classic Flap vs. Chanel Kelly


admire inspire
Jun 19, 2006
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! i had a really hard time choosing between the two.

Pros - it's classic; it's a new color (officially called bleu fonce), like a washed jeans color; it's caviar (durable)
Cons - can it fit a wallet, cell phone and a small makeup bag? i have to try it out, unless you all can tell me how much a classic can fit... also, will the color go with everything??

Pros - it opens wide; lambskin so elegant; lightweight, can fit a wallet, cell, small makeup bag, plus other odds and ends
Cons - another black bag... but i don't have a lambskin one yet, all caviar; handheld all the time; does black go with brown outfits?


i bought the classic but i almost turned my car around to exchange it for the kelly. i just don't know!!
I honestly love the blue on the caviar flap bag A LOT. And I love chanel flap bag in general. The kelly is kind of a boring bag to me. But the Kelly probably carries it all depends on what you are looking for (I'm not too helpful here...)

But if I have to vote, I vote for the blue caviar flap. Hey, do they have it in jumbo size? Maybe jumbo size works better for you?
I have medium flap and I can fit in my phone, keys, small purse, but not my make up bag, so I have to squeeze my cosmetics into the bag- so it does fit quite a few things- just about! And with a flap, unlike the Kelly you have the option of wearing it as a sholder bag/ across the body and handheld. I say stick with the flap!:yahoo:
i'd definitely prefer the classic. i'm assuming you're getting a medium? i can fit a big wallet, my cellphone a camera and a bunch of keys and lipstick in it so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. plus the blue-grey color is gorgeous!!!
so i'm crazy... i went and bought the kelly b/c i was actually obsessing about it. and thank goodness i went and got it b/c 1) the nyc store didn't have it in stock, and 2) my nearest retailer had 4 pieces last night, and i got the 2nd to last one (the last one being on display) this morning.

i love both and happy i have them. i can't post pics but i've seen pics of both on the forum, which i will find and post in this thread.