Blue Grey Classic Flap vs. Chanel Kelly

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! i had a really hard time choosing between the two.

    Pros - it's classic; it's a new color (officially called bleu fonce), like a washed jeans color; it's caviar (durable)
    Cons - can it fit a wallet, cell phone and a small makeup bag? i have to try it out, unless you all can tell me how much a classic can fit... also, will the color go with everything??

    Pros - it opens wide; lambskin so elegant; lightweight, can fit a wallet, cell, small makeup bag, plus other odds and ends
    Cons - another black bag... but i don't have a lambskin one yet, all caviar; handheld all the time; does black go with brown outfits?


    i bought the classic but i almost turned my car around to exchange it for the kelly. i just don't know!!
  2. I'd prefer the Flap as I can't carry a handbag, must have a shoulder bag!
  3. Chanel Kelly b/c I have it and love it!!
  4. I honestly love the blue on the caviar flap bag A LOT. And I love chanel flap bag in general. The kelly is kind of a boring bag to me. But the Kelly probably carries it all depends on what you are looking for (I'm not too helpful here...)

    But if I have to vote, I vote for the blue caviar flap. Hey, do they have it in jumbo size? Maybe jumbo size works better for you?
  5. do you have pic of the blue grey? just curious... i have never seen it.
  6. can you please post pic of the classic?
    love to see the new colour:P
  7. I have medium flap and I can fit in my phone, keys, small purse, but not my make up bag, so I have to squeeze my cosmetics into the bag- so it does fit quite a few things- just about! And with a flap, unlike the Kelly you have the option of wearing it as a sholder bag/ across the body and handheld. I say stick with the flap!:yahoo:
  8. i'd definitely prefer the classic. i'm assuming you're getting a medium? i can fit a big wallet, my cellphone a camera and a bunch of keys and lipstick in it so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. plus the blue-grey color is gorgeous!!!
  9. ^^^I say the jumbo classic flap! I think that could fit what you need and I love that color!
  10. plz post pix of the kelly.:jammin:
  11. so i'm crazy... i went and bought the kelly b/c i was actually obsessing about it. and thank goodness i went and got it b/c 1) the nyc store didn't have it in stock, and 2) my nearest retailer had 4 pieces last night, and i got the 2nd to last one (the last one being on display) this morning.

    i love both and happy i have them. i can't post pics but i've seen pics of both on the forum, which i will find and post in this thread.
  12. is the kelly part of the classic lines? and does it come with silver hardware? also,how much is it retail? TIA!
    do post pics! congrats! =)