Blue glacier still in stores???

  1. :yes:Still looking or again for the blue glacier daybag
    with giant gold.
    Are they still available and in what stores?
  2. they're still at Bal NY.
  3. There was a Blue Glacier giant weekender at NM Austin last week (could still be there).
  4. :crybaby:Blueglacier only to be found with rgh....not
    giant....I missed out on that one.:cursing:
  5. Why don't you call Amanda at NM in Orlando and ask her if she can find you one at any of the NM's? Cracker recommended her as being good at tracking things down.

    Also try Nordstrom Sacramento.

    You'll find's just going to be a challenge! ;)
  6. :crybaby:No blue glacier giant daybag anywhere?
    Does anybody know or has seen one in any of
    the stores???:wtf: