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Blue Glacier OR Cobalt?

  1. Blue Glacier baby!

  2. Cobalt of course!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ok, so i know it's sad that i'm sneaking on here in the middle of my vacation(i've been secretly logging on and checking out all the new posts, but finally caved in and decided that i MUST post one myself)...but anyways, here it goes:

    i didn't feel attracted to any of hte precollection bbags, so i'm hoping the March batch will be more exciting to me. i was thinking about blue glacier or the cobalt/aquamarine:confused1:...any thoughts will be appreciated :yes:

    oh, and i was thinking about getting the first...feel free to convince me otherwise
  2. My vote goes for Cobalt for sure!!!! In a CITY hehehe
  3. I like the blue glacier more. I want one:girlsigh:
  4. does carry more stuff....but would the cobalt 'POP' too much in a larger size bag?
  5. I plan on getting both - but if I could only get one, the the cobalt would definitely be it.
  6. Circoit--why cobalt over blue glacier?
  7. hehe well the aquamarine/cobalt is supposed to be very similar to BI (the swatch looked very close to BI but just a bit brighter and darker at the same time)...and I already have a BI so I'd get the periwinkle/bleu glacier. it looked DIVINE in the swatch!
  8. Mostly because I've been in love with the idea of a turquoise bag ever since seeing the turquoise 05 in real life. This new one looks like a more wearable version - smokier and more sophisticated.

    It just boils down to me always wanting a turquoise bag. Just go with your gut. Which color makes your heart beat faster? The blue glacier looks phenomenal, too - which is why I need both.
  9. cobalt!!!!! coz thats what i am getting......
  10. Personally I prefer the blue glacier. I really want to get this one.
  11. ahhhhhh....i can't decide!??!!? :confused1::rolleyes:
  12. I just think the blue glacier will go with so much. It seems like such a pretty dusty blueish-gray color that will look great with so many clothes.
  13. cobalt city... cobalt city... cobalt city... cobalt city... :choochoo::P
  14. I think the Blue Glacier is a more unique colour, less like other recent colours. It's actually the only '07 colour that's inspired me...I would love to see it in a Day or Work but I think it would work as well on a big bag like a Weekender as on a smaller First! Can't wait to see it in real life...:love:
  15. I voted bleu glacier since I might get one myself:P, cobalt just really looks like BI to me but again better wait to see them IRL the "vert d'eau" is so diffrent from the swatches!