Blue Glacier in Epsom?!

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  1. Hello Ladies

    I want to buy a Kelly in Epsom with the color Blue Glacier, but I am hesitant because I heard that the Epsom in this color gets dirty and black easily.

    Is this true?

    And for those who has the same leather in the same color, could you please post pictures?

    Thank you
  2. Except dark neutrals
    All leathers colors
    Will age dirty and worn
  3. Blue Glacier is an amazing neutral! I have a constance in epsom too. I've used it several times and it still looks brand new. Here it is.


  4. But, will it get dirty after several times of wearing it?

  5. Thank you for your response dear and for sharing the photo of you gorgeous bag
    Does the back of the bag looks clean as the front?
  6. Depending end user
    Inevitable dirt
  7. Here's the back. And I just used it today with dark jeans. So color transfer doesn't seem to be a problem. I'm not too sure about the dirt, like what I've said I've only used this several times. I'm pretty careful with my bags but I don't baby them. If I see dirt I try to wipe it off that's it. Hope that helps. 👍

  8. So pretty!!!!!
  9. Here's mine in togo taken with an iphone with no enhancement. think in epsom it is slightly more grey. LOVE this color - looks different under various lighting - Sometimes more blue, sometimes more grey. Been carrying it alot since i got it few weeks ago... No issues so far


    As for wear, even with a darker color like etoupe you can get color transfer, scuffing etc if you are careless. No doubt with ligter colors you have to be more careful but personally wont stop me from geting a lighter color as they are so elegant.

    However if you are a "worry-er" and be thinking about wear all the time, you might want to consider a much darker color.
  10. Gorgeous constance Ethengdurst! :heart:
  11. The only place can get dirty easier is the handle, but can be protect with a twilly, otherwise all colors unless very dark one, can get dirty if don't pay attention. I personally own white, gris perle, parchment and lot of darker and can't see any difference. Don't be worry.
  12. i love bleu de glacier its so beautiful
    have you seen the combination in person? i feel like it may be able to sway you
  13. Thank you! :blush:

    Thank you GNIPPOHS! You K is TDF! :faint:
  14. I just purchased the Kelly 28 in Bleu Glacier Epsom a few weeks ago and love it! I've only worn it a few times with jeans and no color transfer yet. But it is still early. My SA said not to worry about it as worst case is to send it to the spa for cleaning. Go for it!!

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  15. Just wonder where do you find the year stamp on your Kelly? I just purchased Epsom Kelly ,just can't find the year stamp.