Blue Glacier First debuts... Again.

  1. Okay, well... I tried to do this thread last night and got a bunch of replies that my pictures weren't showing up, so here we go again.

    My new Blue Glacier from Erica... I love it! :p



    Blue Glacier Outside1.jpg Blue Glacier Outside2.jpg Carrying Blue Glacier.jpg
  2. VERY, very nice. I'm officially jealous. :drool:
  3. That is sooo pretty and you look great with it!

  4. GORGEOUS! :yahoo::heart:
    :tup:Love your shoes too!
  5. OOOOOOH. SOOO worth the re-post! You look great!
  6. Wow!! Congrats! Your bag is OOBERLY lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Holy @#$&!!!! Your bag is gorgeous and love, love, LOVE your shoes! You look fantastic!:wlae:

    Wait, scratch that, I NEED your shoes........where did you get them?
  8. Gorgeous bag!
  9. Beautiful!!!!!
  10. Thanks so much everybody! It's nice to see the Blue Glacier getting the love she deserves, finally. :love:

    It's a GREAT colour for somebody who doesn't like neutrals but who wants a colour that will almost act as a neutral.

    And cracker my shoes are from Nordstrom about a year ago. They're by Linea Paolo (one of the only labels that makes a size 4 :push:smile:; try searching the Nordstrom website - I think they have something similar this year.
  11. me too, those shoes are so sexy! are they marni? very hot - love the bag too :p
  12. beautiful...!! :woohoo: it's more vibrant than a lot of other BGs i've seen!
  13. [​IMG]
    sheesh - she's pretty!!!!
  14. Ha ha, I wanted to know where the shoes are from too! Poor Bbag is getting no love. :crybaby:
  15. Awww, poor bbag. I was going gaga over the shoes as well.:lol:

    Beautiful BG tho' - def. the richest one I've seen.