Blue glacier day bag pic needed with GH

  1. Hello Ladies,

    :yes:I need to know if you guys have seen a pic of
    the blue Glacier day bag with GH?
    Can anyone help me, is there such a bag out there.?

  2. Bleu Glacier with GH

  3. :crybaby:Daffy gorgeous....I want to get
    one too.
    Where did you purchase her?
  4. I LOVE Blue Glacier with GH - it's the perfect combination!
  5. Any more pics???:yahoo:
  6. Oh Dear God...that could bring tears to one's eyes. I WANT ONE, TOO!!!!!
  7. WOW. I have a BG city in RH, but it looks REALLY different/lighter with GH. BEAUTIFUL.
  8. That's the color...:smile: