Blue Glacier 07 and Corn Flower Blue 06 Camparison! PIX

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  1. In my other thread, someone mentioned that Blue Glacier is kinda like Corn Flower Blue, which I think is true in a way and not true in other ways.

    That was the reason why I hesitated to buy Blue Glacier, since I have Corn Flower Blue already. But I guess I just love blue!

    I might let go of that Corn Flower Blue since they are similar......:crybaby:

    But here are some comparison pix for you to enjoy and maybe help your further purchases! :smile:
    two b-bags.JPG two b-bags2.JPG two b-bags3.JPG
  2. Both bags are gorgeous, loving the GH!
  3. wow i didn't realise how similar they are!
  4. 0o0o yummy! i love BLUE!!!
    The Blue Glacier looks slightly lighter but still very yummy!
  5. The Blue Glacier with GH is sooo gorgeous, that I the bag I want the most at the moment!!!
  6. They are both beautiful but the colors are close. My fav is the GH
  7. lovely~~~!!!!!!!
  8. Great comparison pics !!!
    Thanks for posting !!!!
  9. Thanks for the comparison pics., the colors are quite similar. Both beautiful bags!
  10. The leather on your Cornflower is yummy:drool: i would keep it.:yes:
  11. rayrayray - Thank you so much for your thread. I was wondering this for a while! I love love love your Cornflower City :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. They look totally different...the mottled look of the Blue Glacier w/the gold hardware is *really* growing on me now....I love it! I originally was seeing the color variation as a detriment, but now I think it really adds character. The bag looks very elegant.
  13. This is a great post. Thanks for the comparision pictures. I love the GH and the BG the best but they are both just spectacular colors.
  14. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for the comparison!! :smile:
  15. Nice comparison pics - I hadn't realized how similar the colors are.