Blue France for Spring 07...(a turquoise bbag)

  1. So I just heard about a new color called Blue France for Spring which is supposed to be similar to the pre spring 05 Turquoise but less green.... I almost pooped in my pants.....This came from an S.A at Bal N.Y.

  2. :lol: 0o000o maybe i can build my Turq empire!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: YUMMY!!! This will totally be another HOT colour!!!
  3. No way? :wtf::drool:
  4. which SA told you this?
    everytime i call daphne and ask, she keeps telling me that she does not know yet. maybe i should ask the sa that you talk to next time....
  5. She tells me the same thing. She did say that she saw the one of the blues, marine I think. She said that she saw that color in another Baleciaga item but it's the same as the purse. She described it as a deep turquoise like the color of the ocean in the tropics. :drool:
  6. OMG i cant wait!!!!!!
  7. well, last time i talked to her, she said that they will not know til late this year.....
    maybe she just gets sick and tired of me keep calling her asking about next year's colors :P
  8. That sounds so pretty, thanks for the info!
  9. blue france? the color cerulean pops into my head for some reason. hrrmm. and named awfully close to blue india. hahaha!

    will all the new blues be named after places?
    blue hawaii
    blue lousiana
    blue moscow
    blue spain
  10. by pre-spring turq '05 do u mean the bright turq that nicole carries
  11. Blue timbucktoo.
  12. :roflmfao:

    i can't wait to see these new 'blues' so...i'm sooooooooo excited!! :yahoo:
  13. i wonder when the color swatches for s/s 07 are going to come out... i remember the a/w 06 colors came out in march at atelier naff !!!!!
  14. Omg!!!
  15. if this is true, then screw the miroir speedy and hello blue france twiggy!