blue france courcheval

  1. just saw a blue france courcheval birkin from a reseller. i check the color chart but cant get much out of it. how do u think of this color vs blue jean? how about the courcheval leather? is it the soft one or hard type? how about weight? Thanks to all h experts!
  2. It is very much like epsom, which is a stamped leather. It will be a bit on the hard and shiny side. Might have broken in and gotten softer over time.
  3. Blue France is brighter than Blue Jean--sort of like a bright cornflower blue but without the purple undertones. Courcheval should be on the lighter side in terms of weight.
  4. Blue France is stunning shade of blue- much darker than BJ, as you can see on the handles of the travel Bolide below.

    Courcheval isn't my favorite for feel- it's stiff and generally not too soft.
    Travel Bolide 47 BJ.jpg