blue fonce medium caviar flap, anyone see one?

  1. I am looking for a medium (or jumbo) caviar leather flap with the cc closure in blue fonce. Has anyone seen one anywhere in the usa?
  2. not the medium, but i did purchase the e/w from NM in boston in april. they had a great selection of colored flaps at the time (many from previous seasons which they just kept in the back). i would try my luck there!
  3. DD,

    Stacey at NM KOP has a jumbo blue fonce classic flap in the caviar leather as of 2 or 3 days ago.
  4. Thank you. I called Stacey at NM KOP and she didn't have one right there, but she is going to try and track one down for me. I also called NM Boston and spoke with Laura, I asked her what color flaps they have instock in med or Jumbo in caviar, she's going to call me back.

    Hopefully I can find something. Thank's again ladies :tup:
  5. Laura in NM Boston called me back! While she didn't have a blue fonce, she did have a gold Le Marias, so we talked about that one for a while, and I BOUGHT IT!

    Laura said it was smaller than a jumbo, but larger than a medium large flap. I know someone in the forum bought one, because I looked at her pictures and loved it. I am so happy I am getting this bag. You ladies are the best, thanks so much for all your help. I'm still wanting a blue fonce though :p
  6. Wow..congrats! So you got the fold Le Marias before the blue fonce. :graucho:

    I've looking for this blue fonce but no luck so far. BTW, what other colored flaps NM Boston still has in stock? I want some colors here.:yes: TIA!
  7. ceci, NM Boston only could offer me a Jumbo white flap in caviar, or a brown flap in calf. They didn't have anything else.
  8. :girlsigh:ok, thanks anyway.
  9. Hi! :smile: I recently purchased a blue fonce caviar Jumbo (as in this week – it will be here tomorrow after a bit of drama with the shipping department!)… Lisa Hamlin at NM tracked one down for me, and she actually thought it was be easier to track down a medium flap! Initially, she even asked me if I wanted that one instead haha… so anyway, if you still want that medium flap, give her a call, and good luck!!! :tup:
    Edited to add - Silly me, here is the number... 248-643-3300 and ask to be transferred to Chanel handbags... hopefully Lisa will be there!
  10. Thanks fieryfashionist, I am going to call her tomorrow. I have hope again, theres got to be one out there for me :yes:
  11. ^ DD, let us know what Lisa says. I'm curious to know whether the blue fonce comes in medium and what it looks like (was searching for one before I got my current love, the blue fonce E/W)
  12. Blue fonce is from which season???I saw a member with a e/w was pretty would love to own one.
  13. spirialsnowman, if I can shake my husband off my butt, I can make the call, LOL. He knows I just bought 2 other flaps so I don't want him to know I am looking for another one. I hope to make the call sometime today. I don't think the blue fonce came in a medium in caviar, only a medium in lambskin. So I am now looking for the blue fonce in a jumbo in caviar.

    karrey, I think I saw the same pictures, that made me want it too. I believe the blue fonce is from 2006. Thats what I have been told. Someone correct me if I have it wrong.
  14. I spoke with Lisa, she was very nice. She said there were no more Blue Fonce Jumbo's in Caviar in the company. She did take my name and number in case one turns up though. Thanks for the help fieryfashionist :yes:
  15. ladies, i am getting the blue fonce (i think!) e/w sent to me this week. if the color is not what i think it is, i will be more than happy to pass it on to another tpfer looking for it. pls stay in touch with me. I'll prob post a thread when i get it.